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According to reports conducted by Hedges and Company, the number of registered vehicles in the United States is projected to reach 287 million in 2020.

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That’s a pretty large pool of potential clients, and you may be asking, “Where do I start?” With the increase in vehicle use and the need for auto repair services rising, it’s important to find ways for your brand to stand out and create lasting, meaningful relationships with these potential customers.

In the 'Forwarding' section, select Forward a copy of incoming mail to. Choose what you want to happen with the Gmail copy of your emails. We recommend Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes. Turn off automatic forwarding. On your computer, open Gmail using the account you want to stop forwarding messages. Automotive direct mail is our secret weapon to build value for your brand. It can be highly personalized to appeal to your audience and versatile in form and style. Sending out physical mail to your clients and prospects can create a tangible experience with your brand that they wouldn’t otherwise receive from typical digital advertisements. Popular Auto Service Mailers Spectrum’s proven auto service direct mail campaigns for auto repair shops, service centers, and dealerships are designed for maximum engagement and ROI. Auto Service Slim Jim Self Mailer This piece is so unique in size (5.5″ x14″) that it stands out from all the “clutter.”.

About Us Mail Shark is a full-service print and direct mail company specializing in helping auto repair shops and tire dealers increase their car count and customer base. We approach direct mail with integrity, honesty, and transparency, putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your marketing.

We have a solution for a good place to start: direct mail for new movers.

Why target new movers with automotive direct mail marketing?

Based on insights from the U.S. Census Bureau, new movers spend more within their first few months of a move than the average established family does over a span of three years: approximately $9,000 per household. They’re also 90% more likely to purchase a car within the first year of their move vs. non-movers.

Now, combine those statistics with these:

  • Auto-focused products and service promotions such as a free oil change, tire rotation, or car wash are among the top 10 best performing direct mail offers.
  • New movers are five times more likely to build loyalty with your business if you reach them before your competition does.

What does it all add up to? A huge opportunity for profits that you don’t want to miss out on.

By sending out a welcome message to the newcomers in your area and introducing your company, you’ll build brand awareness and create new customer relationships.

Unpacking the steps to direct mail success

It can be hard to stand out as the number one choice for auto repair needs, but being one of the first to welcome new movers to the area could be the key to getting the word out about your business.

Auto Dealer Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail postcards for new movers are an ideal way to help build a long-term relationship with new residents in your community and keep them coming back.

These steps will help drive more customers into your auto shop with direct mail marketing:

  1. Offer something of value in a personal way. You want your audience to get a sense of who you are as a business, and how you serve the community while making them feel personally invited to use your services.
  2. Keep an accurate, updated list of new movers in your area. We can help you build your mailing list by using a combination of proprietary change of address data, recorded deed information from new home sales, and various other credible sources.
  3. Follow up! Creating a follow-up offer, thanking your new customers for their support will make them feel welcomed and more inclined to return for a future visit (and tell their friends!)

Partnering with a direct mail marketing company

At UpSwell, we specialize in direct mail marketing services for auto repair shops. We can help you create custom, direct mail postcards that highlight your brand and provide a personalized offer to these prospects.

When you take advantage of our custom direct mail options, you will have world-class personalization capabilities right at your fingertips, allowing you to send your own, unique value offer while also reflecting the personality of your brand. Plus, your direct mail campaign will be fully automated and able to run year-round.

Contact us to get a free marketing assessment today, and find out how our hyper-local marketing can help you grow by turning new movers into loyal customers.


Automotive leads include car owner’s name, direct mail address,
email address, phone, vehicle make, model, year, and much more.
Optimal market coverage of America’s Car Owners!

Arsenic number of valence electrons


Many automotive – vehicle list selects!
Extensive array of demographic qualifiers!
All automotive leads have a “money-refund” data accuracy guarantee!

THE PREMIER AUTOMOTIVE DATABASE offers more than just the usual automotive list selects (year, make, model, fuel type, VIN, etc). What separate us from the crowd is the extensive array of demographic and psychographic data selections … that will help you pinpoint prime automotive buyers.

Just using the usual car owner list selects (model, make, etc) is not the best automotive direct mail list strategy. To maximize ROI … car dealers have to combine auto data with demographic / lifestyle data.

Age, income, net worth, credit score, marital status, gender, children, education, lifestyle (golfer, boat owner, foreign traveler, etc) … all of these auto list qualifiers … and more … WILL generate the maximum number of auto leads … at the lowest cost per lead.

Auto vehicle mailing list is compiled from auto warranties, auto service centers, auto dealerships, car manufacturers, on-line info request for auto insurance, automotive products, gasoline credit card offers, auto service centers, self-reported surveys, auto clubs, and many other auto list niche sources.

Our very extensive number of auto list sources allows us to offer you accurate auto list data. Every single day a massive amount of auto data is fed into the pipeline, so if Jim sold his Cadillac last month then we know it; not going to indicate that Jim is a Cadillac owner if he sold his Cadillac 12 months ago.

For your automotive list we guarantee a 95% deliverable rate … or money refund! We can offer the best guarantee because every single automotive direct mail address is verified on a monthly basis.

For over three decades DMdatabases has been providing automotive lists. Campaign after campaign … we’ve seen which automotive direct mail list strategies work … and those that don’t. We have seen first hand how the slightest tweak in an automotive email list selection can double an OPEN rate. We’ve seen the exponential power in combining demographics with automotive list qua lifers. Call our automotive list team today and lets us share our experience.

Auto repair direct mail


Auto Alert Direct Mail

  • Vehicle Preference: Create an automotive direct mail list consisting of people that have a high propensity of preferring specific type vehicles.
  • New/Used Vehicle Preference: Create a vehicle direct mail list consisting of people that have a high propensity of preferring new / used vehicles.
  • Vehicles in Household: Create an automotive direct mail list consisting households that have more than X number of vehicles.
  • Auto Loan Remaining Months: Create vehicle direct mail list based on months remaining on auto loan / auto lease.
  • Fuel Type: Create your car owner list by fuel type: methanol gas only, hybrid engine, natural gas, diesel, electric, flexible fuel, gas, ethanol fuel only.
  • Auto Style: Create automotive list by auto style: convertible, luxury, pickup, sedan, sport, van, wagon, hatchback, coupe.
  • Auto Drive Type: Create your car owner list by auto drive type: 4WD, 4X2, 4X4, AWD, FWD, RWD
  • Automotive Class: Create an automotive email list by car classification: Full size van, minivan, small truck, midsize truck, midsize car, full size truck, sedan 4dr, Small SUV, Small car, Full size SUV, Full size Car
  • Automotive Style: Create an auto list by automotive style: Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Luxury, Pickup, Sedan, Sport, Utility, Van, Wagon
  • Auto Engine Type: Engine Block Type, Engine Cylinders, Engine Size, NHTSA Recall Leads
  • Other car list selections: make of car, model of car, model year, title date, odometer reading, purchase date, own/lease.


  • Actual FICO or Beacon Score
  • Modeled FICO or Beacon Score
  • FICO AUTO SCORE (Very similar to FICO Score but with more weight given to auto trades)
  • DEROGATORY CREDIT INDICATORS (repossessions,bankruptcies, 30+ days past due indicator, etc)

7 Series BMW Car Owners (over 150,000 names; great direct mail list for high-end offers)
Convertible Car Owners (over 7,000,000; this group can be a good travel list – travel offers)
Highly Affluent Automotive Owners (Net Worth $2,000,000+)
Mercedes Benz Car Owners (over 2,000,000; great mailing list for high-end offers)
Households with 4+ vehicles
Young Affluent Car Owners (Income $250,000+)
Truck Owners of 1 ton Trucks (over 1,000,000 names)
RV Owners
Small Truck Drivers
Spanish Speaking Car Owner Email List (send an email offer in Spanish)

ACME Discount Parts & Accessories Catalog Buyers – for Jeep (Over 190,000)
ASE Certified Auto Mechanics
Automotive Hot Leads … consumers who have applied for an auto loan in the past 24 hours.
Automotive Owners that do their own auto mechanical repairs
Big Tractor Truck Drivers
Car Craft Magazine Subscribers
Car owners by lease expiration date (title date, lease date, loan inception, make, etc)
Car owners whose auto insurance is about to expire.
Commercial Drivers (CDLs)
Foreign Car owner list
Four Wheeler Magazine Subscribers
Hot Rod Magazine Subscribers (over 500,000)
Kwik Lube Car Owners List
Limousine Drivers
NASCAR Enthusiasts (Over 3,000,000 / auto email list over 1,500,000)
New Parents / Expectant Parents – Upgrade to family car
Passionate fans of auto racing
Subscribers to Car & Driver Magazine
Van Owners that use van for business.
Vintage Car Owners
Boat Owners (this lifestyle gives idea of car owner’s vehicle type)

Active Auto Lease
Automotive Lease Expiration Date, YYYYMM
Vehicle Lease Expiration Leads available with email data
Lease Multiple Sources
Vehicle Title Lease Placer

Auto Direct Mail

These auto buyer leads … also known as “in-the-market auto leads” consist of people that have recently visited an automotive dealership and/or have indicated on a self-report survey an interest in buying a car within the next 30-60 days. These car buyer email leads are selectable by an array of demographics (age, marital status, # of cars in households, # of drivers in household, income, and much more).
New Car
Used Car
Used Car 0 to 5 Years
Used Car 6 to 10 Years
Used Car 11+ Years

Auto Repair Direct Mail

The largest database compilation of VW Auto Owners
All VW TDI Models: VW Jettas, Beetles, Golfs, Passat, and Audi
Email List also available for VW Car Owners
All VW auto lists may be segmented by make, model, year, fuel type, and many demographics.

Cars with 200,000+ miles: 3MM
Cars with 100,000+ miles: 18,000,000+
Antique cars: 60,000
Electric car leads: 50,000
Plug-in Hybrid car leads: 77,000
Seniors that drive convertibles: 2,000,000
RV Owners: 10,000,000
Pickup Truck Owners: 26,000,000
Households with 3+ cars: 18,000,000
*Auto leads with email address, direct mail address, and phone.