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There are multiple online backup services out there, some better than others. However, there are times when both products may seem so neck-to-neck that it's hard to pinpoint which one to use. Backblaze and IDrive are one example of this. While both options are great, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and only one of the options will meet your needs best. Both solutions offer a user-friendly interface and automatic backups that run in the background. Still, there are differences when it comes to supported devices, the amount of available data space, and pricing strategy.

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Main Features
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
Automatic Backups
Selective Backups
Idle Backups
Scheduled Backups
Full Backup Restore
Personal Backups
Business Backups
Multiple Devices
FTP Access

If you already know you want BackBlaze and want our bonus offer you can get it by clicking the “VISIT WEBSITE” button to the right. If you need more information before buying then our editorial review and real user reviews below are just what the doctor ordered. Backblaze Business Backup is a solid business cloud backup service that will do well for customers interested in backing up Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple Apple macOS computers. It can also handle. Backblaze is an online backup service that has been featured on USA News, Ars Technica, TechCrunch, and AlwaysOn, as the simplest and innovative way to backup PC files saving users from the hassle resulting after a system crash, virus infection, or unexpected hazard.

File Versioning
# Versions Stored
  • Included: Up to 30 days
  • Paid separately: Unlimited
30 versions
File Syncing
File Sharing
Folder Sharing
Online Control Panel
File Manager
Photo Album
LanguagesEN, DE, FR, ES, CNEN
  • According to Backblaze, I have about 1TB of data spread over 935000 files. The number of remaining files was going down over the past couple of days, down to 600K, 300K, 100K, until it was just 30K a few hours ago, and finally, 30 minutes ago, at 12AM, Backblaze UI changed its fake 'You are backed up' message from 2 days ago, to the current.
  • (“Backblaze”) is a US-headquartered data storage provider that offers two different services: Computer Backup, which provides unlimited cloud backup for individuals and organizations using Macs or PCs (laptops and desktops); and B2 Cloud Storage, which provides low-cost cloud storage for individuals and organizations.
Geo-Redundant Storage
Data Encryption128bit256bit
OS, Device Support
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mobile Optimized
iOS App
Android App
Kindle App
1 Month Plan$6/moPro Business (1.25TB - 12.5TB): $49.95/mo
3 Months Plan
6 Months Plan
1 Year Plan$5/mo ($60)
  • Pro Personal (2TB - 4TB): $5.79/mo ($69.50)
  • Pro Business (250GB - 12.5TB): $8.29/mo ($99.50)
2 Year Plan$4.58/mo ($110)
  • Pro Personal (300GB - 4TB): $5.79/mo ($139)
  • Pro Business (250GB - 12.5TB): $8.29/mo ($199)
Free Trial15 days
Free PlanB2 Cloud Storage: 10GB
Lowest Price$4.58/mo$5.79/mo
Money Back Guarantee15 days
Minimum Subscription1 month1 year
Business Plans
Payment Methods
American Express
Amazon Payments
Google Checkout
Liberty Reserve
Customer Service
24/7 Support
Video Tutorials
Live Chat
Remote Desktop
BBB AccreditationA+A+


Backblaze offers unlimited data storage, file size, backup speed, file types, and unlimited external drives. It's possible to select between continuous, daily, or manual backups, and to tweak performance settings to ensure that the computer or internet speed don't become sluggish while the software is running in the background. Furthermore, Backblaze users don't need to fear having their computer stolen since this backup service enables users to locate their device through its website.

Restoring previous file versions is also a possibility for up to 30 days. For a more extended period, users can upgrade to year-long version history for an extra $2 per month, or forever for an additional $2 per month plus $0.005 per GB per month for versions deleted more than one year ago.

To ensure files are secure, Backblaze applies AES-128 encryption in all steps of the backup process and transfers data through a safe SSL connection. It also offers reliable geo-redundancy through its four data centers: three in the U.S. and one in Europe.

It's possible to test Backblaze through its 15-day free trial, and prices start at $4.58 per month with biannual billing cycles. There's no free plan, but users can get 10GB of free cloud space by using Backblaze's B2 Cloud Storage.

Backblaze Backup Exclusions


IDrive does real-time automatic data backups for multiple devices from one single account. It also offers a syncing feature that’s as easy as drag-and-drop, and file restoration for up to 30 previous file versions. In other words, it's a thorough online backup service – perfect for business and personal users alike.

Besides file backup, IDrive includes the ability to backup up databases and servers as well. It supports MS SQL, Microsoft Exchange, MS SharePoint, Oracle, Hyper-V, VMware, and Office 365 mailboxes. It also makes it easy to back up social media photos and videos.

A 256-bit AES encryption protects backup storage and transfer, and users can incorporate their own private encryption key. Furthermore, logins are secured with SSL encryption, and usernames plus passwords are encrypted – not stored in plain text. Due to this, it's almost impossible for anyone to obtain account information.

IDrive offers a free plan with 5GB of storage and file syncing space that can be used forever. Paid subscriptions start at $5.97 per month and provide 2TB of backup space. Businesses should focus on the higher tier, though. It can provide up to 12.5TB of backup and syncing storage and includes advanced features such as server backups and multiple subaccounts.

IDrive Backup Scheduler


Backblaze and IDrive are both excellent online backup services, but each one has its own strengths. While Backblaze offers unlimited data storage from the get-go, IDrive backs up several devices, including mobile phones and servers. When it comes to the backup services themselves, both offer similar features and will run backups automatically in the background. Each of them handles file version history differently, though. Backblaze offers 30 days of file version history with the possibility to extend it by paying extra; IDrive will retain 30 versions before the data is completely deleted. Furthermore, IDrive offers a free plan where Backblaze does not. Nonetheless, Backblaze is more competitive pricewise, with the possibility of costing $4.58 per month if paid every two years. If you're still not sure which company to go for, we advise you to read our full reviews for their more comprehensive information.

Best Online Backup Services of 2021

Editor's Choice 2021
  • Starting price: $5.79/mo
  • Unlimited devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free basic version avaiable
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  • NAS compatibility via native integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of available plans
  • Free Plan
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  • Starting price: $5/mo
  • Lost computer and IP tracker
  • Unlimited back-up
  • Free 15-day trial
  • Full review…
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  • Personal Backup
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