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Looking for an excellent full- or part-time career? Flexible hours? An exciting way to make good money— fast, and have a good time too? Want a job that’s recession-proof and booming year round?

The secret of the Mixologist is that he studies the world, and you can taste it in his drinks. Here are 5 ways to embody the element of the Mixologist: Surround yourself with other Mixologists- Sometimes the best way to learn is to join others who are in the same field. The Top 7 Most Asked Bartender Interview Questions. One of the biggest mistakes I see from those aspiring to become a bartender, is that they spend so much time thinking about and worrying about the bartending skills they need to learn and all the drink recipes that they need to memorize, that they are completely blind to the most important.

Become a bartender! It’s easy. It’s fun. And it means serious money in your pocket.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Mixologist

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Breaking news but no surprise, two of Cleveland Bartending School's best, finest, and future of mixology, Molly and Rob are active alums as you can see. They were just voted into office for the United States Bartenders Guild Cleveland chapter. Congrats to President Rob Turek and Vice President Molly McSweeney. Way to go, we're proud, they are proud! Thats how we roll!

Here I am getting my continuing education with Patrick, Woodford Reserve Bourbon Representitive and Rob Turek CBS's Instructor/Grad, voted Cleveland Best bartender ,and USBG President (Cleveland Chapter) Whoever said learning is fun was right!

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Bartending offers so much for so many:

While many professions are taking a dive, bartending thrives—but only if you’re qualified. Let Cleveland Bartending School train you to become a Professional Mixologist—with the certifications many places demand.

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Become A Mixologist

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Becoming A Certified Mixologist

Ever watched the bartender mixing your drink and think: That could be me. Looks like fun and really good money. How can I learn to pour drinks quickly and remember so many different recipes, while keeping calm with a smile?
Today’s bartending scene has become much more complex. Mixologist are expected to meet the demands of a more educated and sophisticated customer. The corner bar isn’t just pouring beer and shots anymore. Bartenders have to be more knowledgeable, personable, organized and efficient.
The Cleveland Bartending School mixologist course is designed to prepare professional bartenders, with the skills they need for placement in their choice of jobs, in this exciting, ever changing industry.

State-Licensed Bartending School!

The Cleveland Bartending School is authorized by the Ohio State Board of Careers & Colleges OH#95-07-1423T

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Bartender / Mixologist Quick Links

How Long To Become A Mixologist

By: Jen Jones

Becoming A Mixologist

There are many different bartending schools all across the country. Choosing the right school is a matter of finding the right fit to suit one's needs and any other factors, such as location, that must be considered when deciding upon a school. However, before making that choice, one must know a few facts about bartender schools.

Bartending School Requirements

All bartending schools have at least one requirement: students must be the state's minimum age, either 18 or 21, depending on the state, in order to attend bartending school. Those who wish to be certified will have to go to school. Prospective bartenders must also have good charisma, communication, and interactive skills. They must also know how to order supplies and perform other management tasks.

Bartending Careers

Of course, knowing how to mix and prepare drinks is a huge part of becoming a bartender. However, there are many other potential benefits to this profession. Hours may be flexible and there may be opportunities to travel for special jobs. Furthermore, there always seems to be a demand for bartenders, so the profession is relatively secure.


Bartending School Costs

Another benefit to choosing a bartending school is that courses are typically short and inexpensive. A two to four week course may cost on average between $250 and $500. Online classes may cost even less. There are also classes that cost closer to $1000, but this will depend upon the location as well as the school. Furthermore, there may be additional costs for materials needed for class. Those who are lucky may even find a company that offers free classes.

Bartending License

Master Mixologist Certification

Sometimes a license is not required in order to become a bartender, but having one makes a job applicant competitive. Those who plan on receiving certification will need to acquire a license. States that require bartenders to be certified will have to go to a school approved by state jurisdiction.

Become A Mixologist Online

Different Bartending Jobs

When selecting a school, it is important to understand there are different levels of this job. Smaller establishments that go at a slow pace may be better for a beginner. Restaurants and bars are an intermediate position while larger establishments such as casinos and nightclubs offer a faster pace and more excitement.

Bartending Videos

Famous Bartenders

  • Colin Field - Head barman of the world famous Hemingway Bar at the Hotel Ritz in Paris known for his natural charisma as well as mixology skills.
  • Eddie Doyle Real-life face of the Cheers bar in Boston known not only for his innovative mixology skills but also for his generous community outreach.
  • Dick Bradsell London bartender known for creations such as the Russian Spring Punch and the Brambie that helped revive the cocktail industry late in the 20th century.

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