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  • You’ll earn more and stress less when you follow this straightforward four-step process for garage sale success. Step 1: Plan Your Sale. Begin planning your garage sale weeks, if not months, before you greet your first customer. First, you need to choose a time and date for your garage sale. Consider these factors: Day of the Week. Saturday, Friday, and Sunday — in that order — are the best.
  • Garage Sale Price Guide. While those tips are helpful, it's still difficult to know what prices to ask for your garage sale merchandise. If you're looking for somewhere to begin, we have a few ideas to help out. These are only general prices that these items typically sell for.
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  • Gently used clothing, in good condition. Everyone needs clothes, and savvy shoppers know you don't.
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If you are having a 2 - 3 day garage sale, treat each day as a separate one-day garage sale and place ads for each day. If people know it is a 2 or 3 day garage sale, they naturally will assume that all the good stuff has gone by the first day and not bother to go one the second or third day.

When you are preparing for a move, a garage sale or yard sale is one of the best ways to clear away the clutter of old, unwanted stuff. Wading through your accumulated items may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s not as bad as moving to your new home with a bunch of boxes filled with things you don’t need. And, if you plan properly, you could end up with a sweet wad of cash in your pocket. Where to begin? Follow these tips for a great sale:

1. Advertise your garage sale

Advertise your upcoming sale like crazy. Put an ad on your local Craigslist and detail what you’ll be selling. If you want your ad to stand out, be creative! Try headlines with a bit of humor or hype to increase interest.

2. Garage sale stickers

If you like haggling and don’t mind answering questions every time someone picks up or points at an item, don’t bother with pricing every piece. Multicam. However, if you’d rather give shoppers a heads-up while you kick back in the shade, get some ready-made pricing stickers to put on the items.

Best Garage Sale Tags

3. Garage sale prices

Be realistic with your price points. Very few buyers at garage sales are expecting to spend big bucks. If you have time before your sale, visit a couple of other neighborhood sales to gauge prices.

4. How to prepare for a yard sale

The day before the sale, make a run to the bank to get small bills and change.

5. Garage sale signs

Put up signs on busy streets and around your neighborhood that will lead shoppers to your place. On the signs, use black ink on a bright background and keep your message simple and easy to read.

6. Customer etiquette

Greet your customers and let them know you’re there to answer any questions. A little friendliness goes a long way in encouraging sales.

7. Garage sale tips and tricks

Merchandising your items is key. Think about how stores pull in shoppers. A well-organized display of your wares will pique the interest of buyers and result in more sales. Take your stuff out of boxes and group items in a visually appealing way.

8. Furniture and electronics

Put big-ticket items such as furniture, electronics or eye-catching pieces of art closest to the street or in a prominent spot for maximum visibility.

9. Free box

Put together a catch-all box of junk and make a bright ?Free Stuff? sign. Place this free box on the curb. Most shoppers driving by a garage sale can’t resist the allure of the lowest possible price point.

10. Garage sale set up

Best Garage Sale Tips

Create pathways through your merchandise. Shoppers who feel comfortable that they won’t knock something over or trip over a box will spend more time browsing and buying.

11. Garage sale bargains

Divorce yourself from any emotional attachment to your stuff. Buyers probably don’t care to hear about the history behind your possessions, they’re just looking for bargains.

12. Valuable items

Keep in mind that you’re trying to get rid of stuff and that low-ball offers are a part of the game. If you have truly valuable items, try selling them individually through eBay or Craigslist.

13. Flexible pricing

Get flexible with your pricing as the day goes by. Knock a dollar or two off a listed price. Offer package deals to folks buying multiple items. Encourage customers to grab anything remotely interesting. You want to end the day with minimal leftovers? so don’t take a hard line on items you never have to see again.

14. Donate the leftover items

Arrange to donate the leftover items at the end of the day. Make sure to get a receipt for your donation for a tax write-off.

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Planning a garage sale this summer? If you haven’t already settled on a date, you might want to take a look at this list of best and worst weekends to have a garage sale below. Believe it or not, there are some weeks you’ll want to avoid and others you want to take advantage of.

Best Weekends to have a garage sale

Weekend AFTER a major holiday: We never recommend having a yard sale during a major holiday weekend, simply for the fact that everyone has travel, BBQ and family fun on the brain. The last thing they are thinking about is hitting up local yard sales. Do yourself a favor and wait a week, and hold your sale the weekend AFTER a holiday when people have settled back into their normal routines and are looking for something to do.

1st & 15th of the month: Can you take a wild guess as to why we recommend having a yard sale close to the 1st & the 15th of the month? It’s because that’s when most people get paid! The majority of Americans are paid twice a month usually near the 1st & 15th of the month which makes it a great time to have a yard sale because people have some spending cash.

Best Garage Sale Items

Back to school: Moms with school aged children start prepping for the upcoming school year at the end of July through August. This is a great time to have a garage sale and sell off your children’s clothing, coats & jackets, backpacks, shoes and other items that might be on a back to school shopping list.

Worst weekends to have a garage sale

First Nice Weekend of the Spring: While it may be tempting to have a yard sale during the first nice weekend of the spring…we highly recommend against it. Why? Because people are more focused on enjoying the nice weather than being cooped up in a car driving from yard sale to sale. Waiting a week or two to have your sale will result in more people!

Online Garage Sale

Holiday weekends: This is a no-brainer. Lots of people travel during the major holiday weekends and usually have an itinerary of family fun activities that do not include yard sales. Wait just one week and you’ll have a much better turnout.

Best garage sale app

Community Garage Sales

Now that you know which weekends are the best for your yard sale, we definitely recommend picking up a copy of our newest ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yard Sale”