Best Ram Cleaner For Iphone

iPhone is an essential part of Apple’s product range and they are regularly improvising them and introducing new devices. Apple packs the top-notch Hardware and innovative features into their iPhones, which makes it one of the most popular and demanded smartphones across the globe. iPhone is a device which everyone thinks that they could own, Just owning an iPhone is not enough you have to keep it with care. Apple’s app store iTunes offering thousands of apps, game music and videos for iPhone which you can easily download and use all this app and games runs smoothly on your iPhone. With the time, your iPhone might have slowed down and might have been giving you a problem but there is no need to worry as we are here to help you out of this problem. In this article, we are going to tell you how you speed up your iPhone with some simple steps.

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Tip: How to Unbrick iPhone and iPad

  • Checking your device's system and RAM can be a quick and easy task, especially when you're using the Smart Memory Pro - Check RAM & System Checker app. This one is currently being used in more than 50 countries and is able to automatically scan your device and then clean up and delete memory of RAM/disk and junk files.
  • Tenorshare iCareFone is an excellent RAM cleaner for iPhone/iPad to boost performance, which is actually an iOS cleanup/speedup tool that promises to clean up all sensitive and overloaded data. It smartly allows you to get rid of unwanted files so that your device could have more free space to let the apps run more smoothly.

JJ CARE’s iPhone sanitizer is a convenient and comfortable way to sanitize your iPhone. This best iPhone cleaner gives a high-quality cleaning to your phone and other household items. You can even keep it in your barbershop, nail beauty shop, and tattoo shop. This best iPhone sanitizer for 2021 is super easy to use and carry. So, you might have to clear RAM on your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max a bit more frequently to get rid of sluggishness. Clear RAM on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max Even if you are not a power user, your iPhone may feel slow after days of rough and tough usage.

How to Optimize, Clean, Tune-Up iOS to speed up your iPhone or iPad

Step 1: First of all you must clean your iPhone memory; it’s hard to say how much space should be free in your iPhone but we suggest to keep free at least 500MB-1GB of free space on your iPhone. This cleanup will give enough space to the installed app to store their data which avoid your handset from being crashed. You should keep a watch that which app is taking more space and why and to check it, move and click on Settings > General > Usage, it will show you the list of apps installed on your iPhone and space occupied by them. The app which is taking more space, you just have to delete the useless data and document stored by that app. The moment you do this you can see that your iPhone is running a little bit smoother than it was running previously.

Best Ram Cleaner For Iphone

Step 2: The second important thing you must do is check your iPhone setting,if you see that you are facing the problem with the battery backup then there is the easiest way to solve the problem is in setting menu. To increase the battery backup of your phone, you must disable some of the settings and you will see that your battery backup has been improved.

  • Push notifications for apps (Settings > Notifications).
  • Disable Ping (Settings > General >Restrictions > Ping).
  • Push notifications for email (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars).
  • Location Services (Settings > Location Services).

Setting which we have discussed above can be enabled and disabled but if you want to keep one app that is sending you notifications you can keep.

Step 3: Nextthing you must do is check your iTunes syncing settings at the same time, if you have selected your favorite podcast manager for iPhone Downcast, then you don’t have to now sync the podcasts you download in iTunes. This implies on all like calendars, email, contacts, and all the default apps. Undo all the things which will not help you to speed up the syncing process.

Step 4: You must turn offthe GPS on your iPhone if you have no use of a GPS then why to keep it on just turn it OFF. To do it move to SettingsLocation Services, there you can turn off Location Services completely or else you can disable apps that don’t need to access your GPS information.

Step 5: You must turn off the growing index of your files such as contacts, apps, music, and mail. This all things put lots of pressure on RAM which in result slows up your handset. You must turn off indexing in your Smartphone and you can do so SettingsGeneralSpotlight & Search.

Step 6: You must disable iCloud as it puts a lot of pressure on your Smartphone which ultimately results in slowing down. If you don’t want to permanently disable it then you can temporarily disable it and check if it really helps and to do so go to SettingsiCloud page and click Delete Account, that’s it you are done with it.

Step 7: Then you must remove another service that puts a lot of pressure on your RAM and makes your iPhone runs slower. If you don’t use iMessage then it’s better that you turn it off as it is one of the services that exerts a lot of pressure on the device and if you don’t use it then it’sbetter to switch it off. To do so, you have to go to SettingsMessages.

Step 8: After that, you have to uninstall all the Bloatware or unnecessary apps that have nothing to do, they have no use just they do is occupying the valuable space in your iPhone. You must clean your home screen and check properly all the apps you didn’t end up and delete them all, so as to free your iPhone space. This will improve the performance of your iPhone.

Step 9: Another most important thing you must do to fully optimize your iPhone is not to clean only from inside but also from outside. If you are using case to cover your iPhone you must clean it from time to time so that your valuable iPhone remain dust and dirt proof always, it will also help you to improve the performance and speed of your iPhone.

This is all you need to do speed up your old iPhone or iPad. Stay tuned with us, subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on FB and Twitter.

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Part 1. Top 5 iPhone Cleaners for iPhone

Here, we get a list of iPhone cleaner for Mac and Windows PC. With these storage cleaners, you can clear app caches, delete documents and data and then free up more space on iPhone.

1. Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner

When it comes to iPhone cleaners, Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner is a featured-packed iPhone cleaner app that boasts a clean and intuitive user interface and a whole host of useful cleaning features. With one click, you can get Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to quickly scan your iPhone storage, go through all kinds of data to decide what to get rid of and what to keep, and look for ways to speed up the system. It offers the free version to let you have a try, if you need more features, you need to upgrade to its premium version.


  • Once-click to delete image cache, junk and unwanted files, unnecessary apps, temporary files, etc. on your iPhone.
  • Thoroughly clean up all data on your iPhone.
  • Remove private data and documents selectively.
  • Reliable and safe, with no ads and malware.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Get regular and timely updates.
  • Clear temporary files, junk files, caches and cookies thoroughly from iPhone.
  • Remove unused apps to release more space and speed up iPhone.
  • Back up and delete large files to free up more space on iPhone.
  • Erase all the data on your iPhone permanently.
  • Works for all iPhones, compatible with the latest iOS version.

2. PhoneClean

PhoneClean is one simple and easy iPhone cleaning software for Windows and Mac. It focuses on freeing up cookies and remnants of applications. Mac cosmetics fling eyebrow pencil.


  • Free some space, at the same time, fix some little errors on your iPhone.
  • There is no file left after you delete the data, so you need to be careful.
  • 100% Safe and efficient iOS cleanup utility with no jailbreak needed.

3. Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner

Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner is one powerful iPhone cleaner for clearing apps on iPhone. With it, you can clear app caches, delete documents and other data respectively.


  • Configure, organize and manage apps and files on your phone.
  • Find the large files quickly and delete them as well as clear personal data securely.
  • Permanently remove all data from your iPhone without giving any possibility to recover it.

4. iFreeUp

iFreeUp is one free and easy iPhone cleaner to correct certain configurations and make your iPhone perform well as it should.


  • Clean large junk files to free up more space and export/import game records and app data.
  • Transfer All Kinds of Media Files between your iOS devices and computer.
  • Speed up your old iPhone to run faster.

5. Cisdem iPhoneCleaner

Cisdem iPhoneCleaner is one memory cleaner for iPhone on Mac. It allows you to clear temporary files completely.

Best Ram Cleaner For Iphone 11


Iphone Ram Clean

  • Scan all of your iPhone to find out the files that are taking much space on your iPhone.
  • Delete empty folders, files made by apps that were uninstalled, app caches, etc.
  • Backup your data before cleaning.