Body Model Sketch

Mar 24, 2021 - Explore Wild-Boy-Z's board 'Male Body sketch' on Pinterest. See more ideas about anatomy drawing, figure drawing, art reference. Wooden mannequins are great for drawing quick poses, but they can't hold all the poses you may want. The secret is to use them for lots of practice drawing s. Body Model,Hands model,Wood Mannequin,Wooden Poseable Mannequin or Sketching Drawing Sketch Tools, Table Decoration. From shop BestVase. One for all lol 2020. Body sketch, Girl and the moon sketch, body figure art, female body sketch, minimal decor, printable art, digital art, line art, body line.

Quick guide
  • Click+drag with the mouse to rotate, scroll to zoom.
  • Or use the buttons in the upper left. The Home button resets the view.
  • Change from Capsule to Orbit mode in the upper right to enable full 3d
  • rotation and hold Ctrl down to pan the view. (Premium users only)

Full Body Sketches

  • Use the opacity slider on the left to reveal layers.
  • Click on the toggle below the slider to control layers individually.
SelectionBody reference model sketch
  • Use the searchbox at the upper right to search, or click on entities to select them.
  • Click on the background or on the X to undo selection.
  • Ctrl+click on entities to quickly hide entities. (Cmd+click on mac.)
  • Shift+click on entities or labels (or click on the 'pin' icon in a label) to pin an entity. This will keep it selected while you select more.
  • Use the visibility icon on an entities name to hide an item. Unlike Ctrl+clicking an entity the visibility tool will leave hide the items until 'Unhide All' is clicked on the upper right.
  • Use the 'Zoom to' tool on the items name to center the view on the item.
  • Use the down arrow on the items name to reveal information about the item.
  • Use the 'Pin' tool on the items name to pin an item allowing you to select multiple items.

Model Body Sketch

  • Use the model select icon above the anatomy slider on the left to load different models.
Premium Tools
  • My Scenes allows you to load and save scenes you have created. All annotations, pins and visible items will be saved.
  • Zygote Scenes is a collection of scenes created by Zygote Media Group with annotations identifying anatomical landmarks.
  • Hierarchy is a list of all the entities you have in your current scene. You can turn parts on and off using the check marks by each object or group of objects.
  • Annotations allows you to create your own notes and markers that will be saves when you save your scene.
  • Tools:
    • Pick returns you to the default mode of picking parts and rotating your camera.
    • Slice allows you to slice the parts in your scene in either an X, Y or Z plane.
    • Explode moves all the parts in your scene away form a central point that you can interactively position.
    • Quiz when enabled when you pick a part rather than displaying the part's name a multiple choice menu will appear allowing you to quiz yourself.
Professional Tools

Body Model Drawing

  • The snapshot icon at the top center will take a snapshot of your scene that can then be saved as a jpg or drawn on with the included pen tools.