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Capture One 21 Big Sur Compatibility

Capture One 20 (13.1.4) service release adds support for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and Windows 10 20H2, along with some important bug fixes.

Bug fixes: Mac

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Stich With Photoshop’ script would not work with Photoshop 2021.
  • Fixed an issue where EIP exported files would lose annotations.
  • Fixed an issue where masks were not correctly saved when copying adjustments or cloning variants.
  • Fixed an issue where Capture One could crash when batch renaming on rare occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where protected files could not be imported.
  • Fixed an issue where batch renaming could break the Undo functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the orientation filter would not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where counts on Albums would not show if nested in Groups.

macOS 11 Big Sur - do not upgrade if you tether via FireWire.

For users running macOS 11 (Big Sur) Capture One 21 supports macOS 11 up to 11.2.3 Download Capture One 21 here. Capture One 20 (13.1.4) is the first version of Capture One 20 that supports macOS Big Sur up to 11.1.0. Download Capture One 20 (13.1.4) here. Capture One 21 for Sony - Live view on Mac Big Sur is totally blown! It does 'work' if you are OK with frame rates below 1FPS. The lag extends to my entire system (12 Core Mac Pro, dual D700, 128 GB Ram) making everything unusable when running live view:(.

No more FireWire connectivity in macOS 11 Big Sur

Please be aware the new macOS 11 Big Sur no longer supports FireWire devices.

This includes: Iphone to lg tv screen share.

While you can activate your Capture One Pro single-user license on up to 2 computers, it is exclusive to one user only. If you need a license for multiple users, a multi-user or Enterprise license could be for you. Is Capture One compatible with my camera? 'NOTE: Capture One will support Big Sur - macOS 11.0 with the upcoming releases of Capture One 21 and Capture One 20 (13.1.4) to be released later in 2020.' We are closing in on the end of 2020. I submitted a support case asking if there is a contemplated release date for C1 13.1.4 consistent with the note.

• Tethering with Phase One P series or P+ series digital backs
• Tethering via FireWire with Phase One IQ1, IQ2 or IQ3 series digital backs
• FireWire Hard Drives
• FireWire Scanners (like FlexTight)

Capture One 11 Big Sur

We suggest always turning off Auto update for your mac OS. If this is not turned off, your Mac will automatically update to the latest operating system.

If you accidentally install macOS 11 Big Sur or another version of an operating system that renders any of your software non-functioning, you can restore from a back-up.

If you do not have the ability to restore from a back-up, we are able to wipe your machine and re-install the version of macOS you desire/require.

(Fees apply, you need to backup your data. If you require this service, we will wipe/erase your main internal storage. Specular are not responsible for any data loss in this process)

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