Cisco Jabber Webex Teams

  1. Cisco Webex Teams Unified CM calling is a deployment model of Webex Teams, where calling is serviced by Unified CM, while messaging and presence services are. Calling: Transitioning from Jabber to Webex Teams Calling (Unified CM) PAGE 4. The user experience will be different between a Cisco Webex Meeting.
  2. The Jabber Call app in Microsoft Teams will launch voice and video calls using the Cisco Jabber application. Install both the Cisco Jabber app with the Cisco Webex Meetings app to have access to both Cisco Calling and Meetings from Microsoft Teams.
  3. Webex Teams is the leading team collaboration app. Get access to screensharing, group messaging, cross-collaboration tools, and app integrations.

With the Cisco Webex / Jabber Interop setting enabled: People can send or receive messages between Webex and Jabber apps. Jabber users see a status of On Cisco Webex, when their contact is using Webex.

What You’ll Find in This Demo

The guide for this preconfigured demo includes two independent Cisco Calling and Meeting Integration demos: Microsoft Teams and Slack.


What’s New

The Microsoft Teams integration section has a new scenario: Cloud Video Interop (CVI) and WebRTC.


Microsoft Teams

Users demand interoperability with calendaring, ECM, workflow, telephony, meetings, video, devices, and more. Cisco meets this demand with client-based integration with Microsoft Teams.

The simple-to-deploy client/plug-in integration with Microsoft Teams works with your choice of Cisco clients — Cisco Jabber, Webex Calling, and Webex Meetings.


  • Click to call with your existing phones from Microsoft Teams
  • No compromise on calling features
  • No dial plan and routing reconfiguration

Jabber And Webex Teams Integration


  • Simple-to-implement Webex Meetings Bot
  • Get your default website for Meetings
  • Set your default Meetings website

And all this is at no additional license costs because of the following:

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  • Covered by your existing Cisco licenses/subscription
  • No (E5) Microsoft Cloud PBX Phone system license is required

Cloud Video Interop (CVI) and WebRTC

  • SIP-capable video endpoints can join Microsoft Teams meetings via CVI for a rich, seamless meeting experience, without requiring third-party interop using OBTP join with Calendar Service, direct dial in, or IVR join experience.
  • WebRTC supports the OBTP join with Calendar Service for B2B meetings from a Cisco video endpoint that has Media Engine running. These devices support WebRTC: Cisco Webex Board, Room Devices, and DeskPro.


Cisco Jabber, Webex Call, and Webex Meetings integrated with Slack lets you collaborate seamlessly – whoever, whenever, however.


Cisco Jabber and Cisco Webex are simple-to-deploy plug-ins that can be cross-launched from within Slack when you want to call someone internally or externally.

With Cisco Jabber and Cisco Webex plugins, Slack users can:

  • Call someone internal with their extension or SIP URI
  • Call someone over PSTN

The simple-to-deploy client/plug-in Webex Meetings integration with Slack lets Slack users to schedule, start, or join Cisco Webex Personal Room meetings, and Cisco Webex scheduled meetings directly from Slack.


With Cisco Webex Meetings plug-in, Slack users can:

  • Start and join meetings directly in their channel
  • Schedule a meeting and the meeting info card will be added to the conversation.
  • Automatically get status alerts and, if your meeting has already started, see who has joined
  • Preview your upcoming meetings and join from the list
  • Edit a scheduled Webex meeting
  • Play recordings, which are posted in the channel when ready
  • See if other users are currently in a Webex meeting


Cisco Jabber Webex Teams Integration

The Microsoft Teams integration section has three independent scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Cisco Jabber and Webex Meetings Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Scenario 2: Cisco Calling and Webex Meetings Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Scenario 3: Cloud Video Interop (CVI) and WebRTC

The Slack integration section has two independent scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Cisco Jabber and Webex Meetings Integration with Slack
  • Scenario 2: Cisco Webex Calling and Webex Meetings Integration with Slack

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