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What exactly is Citrix Server?

Both Citrix Virtual Apps and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops come in three different editions with different features and pricing structures:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Organizations need to search through each product edition to work out which features best suit their purpose. Moreover, additional components such as Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) and Citrix Director for advanced features should be purchased for an improved user experience.

Another challenge is that the installation of Citrix products may be complicated. Often a certified professional is needed to install and configure the product, plus multiple components need to be configured for complete virtualization infrastructure.

Additionally, a Microsoft SQL database is necessary to maintain a healthy Citrix infrastructure. As there can be a multitude of software and hardware components within the Citrix infrastructure, monitoring it may be challenging.

Also, SQL Server pricing may be costly and complex for organizations. The Per Core option pricing model in the SQL server is too high for organizations that want to scale up their SQL instances.

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An overly complicated Citrix infrastructure is also challenging when it comes to delivering and maintaining business continuity. Given the large number of components required to deploy Citrix systems and the many failure points, an organization cannot provide high availability and disaster recovery for its assets.

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Symptoms or Error

When attempting to connect to an Application or Desktop using Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.7 or Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.5, or Receiver for Android 3.12.2/3.12.3 or Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.6, you may see these errors.

  • Error “The Remote SSL peer send a handshake failure alert”
  • Error “Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. SSL Error 4: The operation completed successfully” or
  • Error “Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. SSL Error 47: An unclassified SSL network error occurred”
  • Error “TLS handshake failure, the TLS version configured may not match the version used by the server.”
  • Error “General problem”

Citrix has identified a behavior with Receiver for Windows 4.7, Receiver for Mac 12.5, Receiver for Android 3.12.2/3.12.3, and Receiver for Linux 13.6, which prevents connections via some specific NetScaler firmware versions. The following table covers the NetScaler builds which are affected.

Release trainAffected Builds Notes
10.550.10, 51.10, 52.11Interoperability issue is found on all NetScaler MPX and SDX* appliances on these builds.
10.5.e51.1017.e, 52.1115.e
10.1124.13, 125.9, 126.12, 127.10, 128.8, 129.11, 129.22, 130.10, 130.11, 130.13, 131.11, 132.8, 133.9, 134.9
10.1.e124.1308.e, 126.1203.e, 127.1007.e, 128.8003.e, 129.1105.e, 130.1302.e
* On SDX appliances connection failure would happen when SSL chips are assigned to VPX instance(s).
  1. No interoperability issue found with NetScaler VPX and FIPS appliances.
  2. All NetScaler 12.0/11.1/11.0 builds are safe from interoperability issue.


If you are using any of the above mentioned builds, Citrix recommends to upgrade to the latest build in each respective release. For example if you are using Netscaler 10.5 Build 50.10, you should upgrade to Netscaler 10.5 Build 65.11

Release trainRecommended build Release date
10.565.11 Feb 5, 2017
10.5.e60.7004.eMar 31, 2016
10.1135.12Oct 24, 2016
10.1.e10.5 65.11Feb 5, 2017
Note : You can verify the NetScaler software version by running the following command: show ns version

Problem Cause

Free Download Citrix 4.12

The issue is due to a defect in some builds of NetScaler where SSL handshake fails if a client hello message includes an ECC extension but the NetScaler appliance does not support any of the ECDHE ciphers in the cipher list sent by the client. The handshake fails even if the list contains some non-ECDHE ciphers that are supported.

Receiver for Windows 4.7, Receiver for Mac 12.5, Receiver for Android 3.12.2/3.12.3 and Receiver for Linux 13.6 introduce these ECDHE ciphers which trigger this defect.


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