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  • When using Firefox v51 and later, the NetScaler EPA and VPN plugins do not launch. This is due to Firefox dropping NPAPI plugin support. This has now been resolved in NetScaler 5: Citrix Receiver can not be detected when browsing to the NetScaler Gateway portal and using the latest versions of Firefox.
  • Firefox and Chrome, historically have been regularly changed and updated by the software vendors. These changes often result in incompatibilities, including the inability to launch/leverage Citrix Workspace. If the web browser fails to leverage Citrix Workspace when launching your session, the following may apply to your experience.
  • In the left column, click Plugins. Look for Citrix and change 'Ask to Activate' to 'Always Activate'. Then try Citrix again in a new window (or exit and start Firefox up again). See: Updated to Firefox 30.0 now Citrix Receiver will not open. (2) If you have an older version of the plugin, you may need to update.
  • Mar 23, 2021 Citrix Receiver for Windows product software. Citrix Workspace App Workspace app for Windows Current Release Subscribe to RSS notifications of new downloads.
  1. Citrix Workspace Firefox Addon
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  3. Citrix Not Working On Chrome

I've enabled html5 in storefront so users in kiosk machines can access it without downloading receiver. However, since enabling this, chrome and firefox defaults the application launch in HTML5 regardless if the local citrix receiver client is installed. For Internet Explorer, the ICA download gets triggered and the user can click on it and uses the local receiver.

Cannot Activate Citrix Receiver Plugin   Firefox Support ..

Citrix Workspace Firefox Addon

Is there any global settings I can change to default it to the local receiver first and if it is not installed, launch HTML5? I know you can change the setting in storefront (to use full version) but i do not want to do this for everyone manually. The setting on the storefront server is already set to use html5 if local receiver is unavailable.

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Officially Supported Internet Browsers for Workspace

Microsoft Edge

Latest Version

Internet Explorer

Version 11 or later
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Mozilla FirefoxLatest Version
Google ChromeLatest Version
Apple SafariLatest Version


Citrix Not Working On Chrome

  1. I don't see my browser on this list.. do you support it?
    Workspace may operate on 3rd party browsers not listed above, but Workspace cannot guarantee that all features will work as expected. Workspace recommends using an officially supported browser. All supported browsers are available for download for free on their respective websites.

  2. Do you support AOL browsers?
    Workspace should function properly with AOL browsers if that version of AOL is built upon a supported version of Internet Explorer. Workspace cannot guarantee that all features will work as expected. Workspace recommends using an officially supported browser. All supported browsers are available for download for free on their respective websites.