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Click Refresh in Citrix Ready workspace hub and try reconnecting to the workspace hub. Known issues and limitations Citrix Casting does not work unless the device is connected to the same network as the Citrix Ready workspace hub.

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The Citrix Workspace environment is faster, always available, stable, and extremely user friendly. And the best thing about it is that users say they don’t even notice it because it always works. Frank Veldink ICT Infrastructure Architect Stater. Read customer story. Let’s get started. Reconnect only to sessions that are already disconnected; otherwise, launch a new session. (Sessions can roam between client devices by first disconnecting them, or using Workspace Control to explicitly roam them.) An active connected session from another client device is never used; instead, a new session is launched. Unfortunately the Citrix session doesn't recognize the second screen anymore. Instead, the window opens with scroll bars horizontally and vertically using the old screen resolution. Display looks like below while re-docking the Notebook and reconnecting the session using Workspace App for Windows 1812.

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To resolve this issue, add the Receiver for Web URL to the Trusted Sites list of the web browser as shown in the screenshot below:

Problem Cause

This issue can occur if the Receiver for Web URL is not added to the Trusted Sites list of the web browser on user's machine.

Additional Resources

Configure workspace control
Disable workspace control reconnect for all Receivers
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  • Auto client reconnect. Enables or disables automatic reconnection by Receiver after a connection has been interrupted.
  • Auto client reconnect authentication. Enables or disables the requirement for user authentication upon automatic reconnection
  • Auto client reconnect logging. Enables or disables logging of reconnection events in the event log. Logging is disabled by default. When enabled, the server's System log captures information about successful and failed automatic reconnection events. Each server stores information about reconnection events in its own System log; the server farm does not provide a combined log of reconnection events for all servers.

Auto Client Reconnect incorporates an authentication mechanism based on encrypted user credentials. When a user initially logs on to a site, the server encrypts and stores the user credentials in memory, and creates and sends a cookie containing the encryption key to Receiver. Receiver submits the key to the server for reconnection. The server decrypts the credentials and submits them to Windows logon for authentication. When cookies expire, users must reauthenticate to reconnect to sessions.

Cookies are not used if you enable the Auto client reconnection authentication setting. Instead, users are presented with a dialog box to users requesting credentials when Receiver attempts to reconnect automatically.

Note: For maximum protection of users’ credentials and sessions, use SSL encryption for all communication between clients and the server farm.

Disable Auto Client Reconnect on Citrix Receiver for Windows by using the icaclient.adm file. For more information, see the Receiver for Windows documentation, in eDocs.

Settings for connections also affect Auto Client Reconnect.

Configure connections for Automatic Client Reconnection

By default, Auto Client Reconnect is enabled through policy settings at site level. User reauthentication is not required. However, if a server’s ICA TCP connection is configured to reset sessions with a broken communication link, automatic reconnection does not occur. Auto Client Reconnect works only if the server disconnects sessions when there is a broken or timed out connection.

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In this context, the ICA TCP connection refers to a server's virtual port (rather than an actual network connection) that is used for sessions on TCP/IP networks.

By default, the ICA TCP connection on a server is set to disconnect sessions with broken or timed out connections. Disconnected sessions remain intact in system memory and are available for reconnection by Receiver.

The connection can be configured to reset, or log off, sessions with broken or timed out connections. When a session is reset, attempting to reconnect initiates a new session; rather than restoring a user to the same place in the application in use, the application is restarted.

If the server is configured to reset sessions, Auto Client Reconnect creates a new session. This process requires users to enter their credentials to log on to the server.

Citrix Workspace Reconnecting Error

Automatic reconnection can fail if Receiver or the plug-in submits incorrect authentication information, which might occur during an attack or the server determines that too much time has elapsed since it detected the broken connection.

Additional Resources

Let's say that you have a session running and it gets dropped for whatever reason. If you have auto client reconnect set, when the farm is trying to reconnect:
  • the farm has the session marked as disconnected, and
  • the user sees that the session has disconnected, and an attempt is being made to reconnect.

If Session Reliability is in play:

  • the farm has the session marked as Active and
  • the screen freezes on the last frame during the attempted reconnect process, without any indication to the user.

Citrix Workspace App Reconnecting

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Caution! Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall your operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. Be sure to back up the registry before you edit it.