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Firaxis has released a first look at Portugal, the next civ for Civilization 6.

Civilization 6 Release Date. All the latest information about Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 Release Date for PC and Mac, including the release dates for the previous versions of Civilization and their expansions packs. In this article, you will find all the most recent news on the Release Date for one of the greatest video game series of all time as well as an analysis of the previous release. Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass is a series of DLC released bimonthly from May 2020 to March 2021. The pass includes eight new civilizations, nine new leaders, and six new game modes.

Portugal arrives as part of the Portugal Pack, the sixth and final DLC for Civilization 6's New Frontier Pass. It's out on 25th March. Check out the deep dive in the video below:

Portugal's leader is João III of Portugal. Here's the official blurb:

'João III, called 'the Colonizer' or perhaps more kindly the 'Pious,' was King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1521 to 1556. João sponsored humanistic approaches to religion and it was also under his reign that the Inquisition finally arrived in Portugal. He often used diplomacy and arranged advantageous marriages, and significantly expanded Portugal's trade networks.'

Portugal's Casa Da Índia unique ability significantly increases the yields of international trade routes, but limits those routes to cities on the coast or with a harbour. Casa Da Índia also grants trader units additional range and the ability to embark on water tiles as soon as they're unlocked.

João's unique ability is Porta Do Cerco, which grants all units increased sight. It also increases trade route capacity whenever Portugal meets a new civ and provides open borders with all city-states.

Elsewhere, Portugal has the Nau, a unique naval melee unit that replaces the Caravel. It starts with one free promotion, requires less maintenance than the Caravel and has two charges to build Feitorias - special shipping ports unique to Portugal.

Speaking of the Feitoria, it can only be built by a Nau unit on a foreign city's coastal tile next to a luxury or bonus resource. Sending a trade route to a city with a Feitoria provides Portugal with additional gold and production.

Portugal's other unique structure is the Navigation School, which replaces the University building and increases production toward naval units in each city that builds it. It also increases a city's science yields for every two coastal or lake tiles within the city's borders and grants additional great admiral points.

Firaxis suggests Portugal players start the game by exploring a lot, and try to meet every civ as early as possible for free trade route capacity. Since Portugal can only trade internationally with cities on coast or with harbours, prioritise naval exploration. Further boost trading with lots of alliances and policy cards like Triangular Trade and Wisselbanken.

Once you build a navigation school, start cranking out Nau units for Feitorias, but plan carefully because Feitorias have strict placement restrictions.

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The Portugal pack also includes the new optional game mode Zombie Defense, two new world wonders in the Torre de Belém and Etemenanki, and a new Wetlands map script.

At the end of last week, Firaxis Games confirmed that more details about Civilization 6's Ethiopia Pack would be coming today, Monday, July 13. The developer has now made good on its word, revealing a slew of new information about the second pack in the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass. Among this information are specifics on the new District included in the Ethiopia Pack and the DLC's release date, all of which is sure to be of interest to many players.

To start, Civilization 6's Ethiopia Pack is now set to release on Thursday, July 23. This is almost exactly two months after the launch of the Maya and Gran Colombia Pack, the first DLC in the New Frontier Pass, and indeed fans that have been excited to try out the new content found in the Ethiopia Pack do not have to wait too much longer for it.

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Civ 6 Release City State

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With respect to exactly what that new content is, Firaxis has also just shared details on the District that will be added to the game with the Ethiopia Pack: the Diplomatic Quarter. This new Civ 6 District grants +1 Diplomatic Favor for each Delegation or Embassy from a foreign civilization, and a civ can only have one in their empire. Additionally, the Diplomatic Quarter grants +1 Envoy if built next to a city center and reduces the level of enemy Spies that target it or adjacent Districts by two.

There are also two Buildings that can be constructed within the Diplomatic Quarter, and they are the Consulate and Chancery. The Consulate grants +4 Gold, +4 Science, +2 Faith, and +2 Influence Points per turn while also lowering the level of enemy Spies by one when they target the city with the building or another city that has an Encampment. The Chancery, which can only be built after the Consulate, grants +3 Faith and +3 Influence Points per turn and provides Science when an enemy Spy is captured or killed (at a rate of 50 Science per level of the Spy).

The Diplomatic Quarter is, of course, just one part of the forthcoming DLC pack, and Firaxis indicates that a more extensive look at Ethiopia as a civilization will be available 'later this month.' That said, the developer has shared the Ethiopian leader's ability, which grants extra Faith from international Trade Routes and provides new ways to use that Faith to secure a Culture Victory in Civ 6, giving fans a good idea of where this new civ's interests lie.

Civilization 6 is available for iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Civ 6 Release

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