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We summarize the most commonly used Java language features and APIs in the textbook.

This cheat sheet sums up the basics of C#, for experienced developers who are learning C# and users who already know programming basics, hopefully this document has helped you in some way, there was not much information or explaining but then again I’m assuming you’ve. HTML CHEAT SHEET Berners-Lee invented it back in 1991. Today HTML5 is the standard version and it's supported by all modern web browsers. Our HTML cheat sheet gives you a full list of all the HTML elements, including descriptions, code examples and live previews. Simply scroll down to browse all HTML tags alphabetically or browse tags by their. To download your coding guide, click on the link below. Our coding guide is designed to be printed on both sides of a single sheet of legal sized paper. To view our coding guide, click here.

Hello, World.

Editing, compiling, and executing.

Built-in data types.

Declaration and assignment statements.


Floating-point numbers.


Comparison operators.

Rcloud revolution.


Parsing command-line arguments.

Math library.

The full java.lang.Math API.

Java library calls.

Type conversion.

Anatomy of an if statement.

If and if-else statements.

Nested if-else statement.

Anatomy of a while loop.

Anatomy of a for loop.


Break statement.

Do-while loop.

Switch statement.


Inline array initialization.

Typical array-processing code.

Two-dimensional arrays.

Inline initialization.

Our standard output library.

The full StdOut API.

Our standard input library.

The full StdIn API.

Our standard drawing library.

The full StdDraw API.

Our standard audio library.

The full StdAudio API.

Coding Cheat Sheets General Surgery

Command line.

Redirection and piping.

Medical Office Coding Cheat Sheet


Libraries of functions.

Our standard random library.


Our standard statistics library.

Coding Cheat Sheet

Using an object.

Instance variables.


Instance methods.


Object-oriented libraries.

Java's String data type.

The full java.lang.String API.

Java's Color data type.

The full java.awt.Color API.

Our input library.

The full In API.

Our output library.

The full Out API.

Our picture library.

The full Picture API.

Our stack data type.

The full Stack API.

Our queue data type.

The full Queue API.


Our symbol table data type.

The full ST API.

Our set data type.

The full SET API.

Coding Cheat Sheet Em

Our graph data type.

The full Graph API.

Coding Cheat Sheet Primary Care

Compile-time and run-time errors.

Here's a list of errors compiled byMordechai Ben-Ari.It includes a list of common error message and typical mistakes thatgive rise to them.

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Copyright © 2000–2019Robert SedgewickandKevin Wayne.All rights reserved.

This cheat sheet - or HTML code quick reference - lists the common HTML tags and their attributes, grouped into relevant sections in an easy-to-read format.

What is html? What are tags? - Perhaps check out where to start or what is html first :-)

Basic HTML Structure Help Top
Common Tags for Blogs Help Top
<h?> heading </h?>Heading (h1 for largest to h6 for smallest)
<p> paragraph </p>Paragraph of Text
<b> bold </b>Make text between tags bold
<i> italic </i>Make text between tags italic
<a href='url'> link name </a>Create a link to another page or website
<div> .. </div>Divide up page content into sections, and applying styles
<img src='filename.jpg'>Show an image
<ul> <li> list </li> </ul>Unordered, bullet-point list
<br>Line Break (force a new line)
<span> red </span>Use CSS style to change text colour
Text Formatting Help Top
<h?> .. </h?>Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)
<b> .. </b>Bold Text
<i> .. </i>Italic Text
<u> .. </u>Underline Text
<strike> .. </strike>Strikeout
<sup> .. </sup>Superscript - Smaller text placed below normal text
<sub> .. </sub>Subscript - Smaller text placed below normal text
<small> .. </small>Small - Fineprint size text
<tt> .. </tt>Typewriter Text
<pre> .. </pre>Pre-formatted Text
<blockquote> .. </blockquote>Text Block Quote
<strong> .. </strong>Strong - Shown as Bold in most browsers
<em> .. </em>Emphasis - Shown as Italics in most browsers
<font> .. </font>Font tag obsolete, use CSS. (*)
Section Divisions Help Top
<div> .. </div>Division or Section of Page Content
<span> .. </span>Section of text within other content
<p> .. </p>Paragraph of Text
<br>Line Break
<hr>Basic Horizontal Line
<hr> Tag Attributes:
size='?'Line Thickness in pixels
width='?'Line Width in pixels
width='??%'Line Width as a percentage
color='#??????'Line Colour(*)
align='?'Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right(*)
noshadeNo 3D cut-out
<nobr> .. </nobr>Line Break
Images Help Top
<img src='url' alt='text'>Basic Image
<img> Tag Attributes:
src='url'URL or filename of image (required!)
alt='text'Alternate Text (required!)
align='?'Image alignment within surrounding text (*)
width='??'Image width (in pixels or %)
height='??'Image height (in pixels or %)
border='??'Border thickness (in pixels) (*)
vspace='??'Space above and below image (in pixels) (*)
hspace='??'Space on either side of image (in pixels) (*)
Linking Tags Help Top
<a href='url'> link text </a>Basic Link
<a> Tag Attributes:
href='url'Location (url) of page to link to.
name='??'Name of link (name of anchor, or name of bookmark)
target='?'Link target location: _self, _blank, _top, _parent.
href='url#bookmark'Link to a bookmark (defined with name attribute).
href='mailto:email'Link which initiates an email (dependant on user's email client).
Lists Help Top
<ol> .. </ol>Ordered List
<ul> .. </ul>Un-ordered List
<li> .. </li>List Item (within ordered or unordered)
<ol type='?'>Ordered list type: A, a, I, i, 1
<ol start='??'>Ordered list starting value
<ul type='?'>Unordered list bullet type: disc, circle, square
<li value='??'>List Item Value (changes current and subsequent items)
<li type='??'>List Item Type (changes only current item)
<dl> .. </dl>Definition List
<dt> .. </dt>Term or phrase being defined
<dd> .. </dd>Detailed Definition of term
Tables Help Top
<table> .. </table>Define a Table
<table> Tag Attributes:
border='?'Thickness of outside border
bordercolor='#??????'Border Colour
cellspacing='?'Space between cells (pixels)
cellpadding='?'Space between cell wall and content
align='??'Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right(*)
bgcolor='#??????'Background Colour (*)
width='??'Table Width (pixels or %) (*)
height='??'Table Height (pixels or %) (*)
<tr> .. </tr>Table Row within table
<th> .. </th>Header Cell within table row
<td> .. </td>Table Cell within table row
<td> Tag Attributes:
colspan='?'Number of columns the cell spans across (cell merge)
rowspan='?'Number of row a cell spans across (cell merge)
width='??'Cell Width (pixels or %) (*)
height='??'Cell Height (pixels or %) (*)
bgcolor='#??????'Background Colour (*)
align='??'Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right(*)
valign='??'Vertical Alignment: top, middle, bottom(*)
nowrapForce no line breaks in a particular cell
Frames Help Top
<frameset> .. </frameset>Define the set of Frames
<frameset> Tag Attributes:
rows='??,??, ..'Define row sizes & number of rows (size in pixels or %)
cols='??,??, ..'Define column sizes & number of columns (size in pixels or %)
noresize='noresize'User cannot resize any frames in frameset
<frame> .. </frame>Define a frame within the frameset
<frame> Tag Attributes:
src='url'Location of HTML File for a frame
name='***'Unique name of frame window
marginwidth='?'Horizontal margin spacing inside frame (pixels)
marginheight='?'Vertical margin spacing inside frame (pixels)
noresize='noresize'Declare all frameset sizes as fixed
scrolling='***'Can the user scroll inside the frame: yes, no, auto
frameborder='?'Frame Border: (1=yes, 2=no)
bordercolor='#??????'Border Colour (*)
<noframes> .. </noframes>Unframed content (for browsers not supporting frames)
Forms Help Top
<form> .. </form>Form input group decleration
<form> Tag Attributes:
action='url'URL of Form Script
method='***'Method of Form: get, post
enctype='***'For File Upload: enctype='multipart/form-data'
<input> .. </input>Input field within form
<input> Tag Attributes:
type='***'Input Field Type: text, password, checkbox, submit etc.
name='***'Form Field Name (for form processing script)
value='***'Value of Input Field
size='***'Field Size
maxlength='?'Maximum Length of Input Field Data
checkedMark selected field in radio button group or checkbox
<select> .. </select>Select options from drop down list
<select> Tag Attributes:
name='***'Drop Down Combo-Box Name (for form processing script)
size='?'Number of selectable options
multipleAllow multiple selections
<option> .. </option>Option (item) within drop down list
<option> Tag Attributes:
value='***'Option Value
selectedSet option as default selected option
<textarea> .. </textarea>Large area for text input
<textarea> Tag Attributes:
name='***'Text Area Name (for form processing script)
rows='?'Number of rows of text shown
cols='?'Number of columns (characters per rows)
wrap='***'Word Wrapping: off, hard, soft
Special Characters Help Top
&lt;< - Less-Than Symbol
&gt;> - Greater-Than Symbol
&amp;& - Ampersand, or 'and' sign
&quot;' - Quotation Mark
&copy;© - Copyright Symbol
&trade; - Trademark Symbol
&nbsp; - A space (non-breaking space)
&#??;ISO 8859-1 character - replace ?? with the iso code
Miscellaneous Tags Help Top
<!-- .. -->Comment within HTML source code
<!DOCTYPE html .. >Document Type Definition (wiki)
<meta> .. </meta>META information tag
<meta> Tag Attributes:
name='***'Meta name: description, keywords, author
http-equiv='***'HTTP Equivalent Info: title, etc.
content='***'Information content
<link>LINK content relationship tag
<link> Tag Attributes:
rel='***'Type of forward relationship
http='url'Location (URL) of object or file being linked
type='***'Type of object or file, eg: text/css
title='***'Link title (optional)
Body Background & Colours Help Top
<body> Tag Attributes:
background='url'Background Image (*)
bgcolor='#??????' Background Colour(*)
text='#??????' Document Text Colour (*)
link='#??????' Link Colour (*)
vlink='#??????' Visited Link Colour (*)
alink='#??????' Active Link Colour (*)
bgproperties='fixed' Background Properties - 'Fixed' = non-scrolling watermark (*)
leftmargin='?' Side Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)
topmargin='?' Top Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)

(*) Important Note:

Tags marked with (*) should still work, but have been superseded by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is now the recommended way to change the font, colour, spacing, border or alignment of HTML elements.

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