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通过以上的 4 个步骤我们就可以完成通过程序自动化地在 confluence 中创建 markdown 文档. Confluence-记一次 confluence markdown 表格样式不美观发生的事. Xwiki 文档迁移到 confluence-1 迁移方案. Is there a way transfer pages from “Confluence” to “Azure Devops Wiki”. Asked 11 months ago. I have looked into the documentation for Azure DevOps Wiki.

Confluence is a CMS (Content Management System) software which stores management resources for your website. Although it is a new software but it has been well-known based on outstanding features like setting up useful space for modular technical documentation, adding approval workflows or using it for technical communication.

This following will discuss more detail about use resources,videos and further reading of Confluence CMS.

Getting started with ConfluenceCMS

From the beginning until now, millions of business and group take advantage of Confluence CMS to manage all kinds of knowledge.

When it is built up functions, it is set up an extensible platform so you can install add-ons to supply some additional content management features for maintaining basic documentation. These add-ons enable Confluence can catch up with special content management systems to manage documentation correctly. After its expression, it is highly appreciated as easy-to-use collaboration platform which can connect people to join and control in the content management process.

Technical communication with Confluence CMS

Confluence Xml To Markdown

We divide into range of resources and media so that it canhelp you to provide content management systems clearly.

Books: Recommend like Sarah Maddox’s Confluence, Tech Commor Chocolate.

Web resources: you can develop technical documentation for acrowd-sourced Q&A knowledge which is based on Confluence and other products.

How to use Confluenceas a professional CMS

As discussed above, Confluence has various benefits formanaging technical content. It is the most outstanding mode of Confluence. Butit also can bring other features like other professional CMS.

You also manage the content from creating new symbols,re-setting up a new structure, adding or deleting the article/ video or image…Inaddition, you have the right to re-use the content and manage variant contentproperly. Finally, you can use Confluence platform to achieve CMS goals efficiently.

From release 6.8 we have the possibility to plug different Markdown Processor so you can add extra features other than which provided built-in. Such processor can be plugged into processing using a module (i.e. java library) containing processor implementation that is published using Java Service Provide Interface (SPI) specification.

Markdown processor usage

Currently the available Markdown processors compliant with plugin are:

  1. This implementation is the default one. Since it has been DEPRECATED we encourage to plug the new Commonmark implementation because in the next major release pegdown will be removed
  2. Is the new implementation available from plugin version 6.8
Confluence To Markdown

Configure a new Markdown Processor

To plug a markdown processor you have to declare library as plugin’s dependency.

Plug commonmark implementation

Implement a new ‘Markdown processor’ service

To implement a new Markdown processor service we have to follow steps below:

1. Create a new Project

Create a simple java library project maven compliant

Markdown To Confluence Wiki

2. Add dependency to maven-confluence-core module

3. Implement the interface org.bsc.markdown.MarkdownProcessor ```java /** * Markdown Processor interface */ public interface MarkdownProcessor {

} ``` ```java public interface MarkdownParserContext { One page site.

} ```

4. Publish implementation following SPI specification

The SPI specification publish a service creating a mapping file a mapping file in a specially named directory META-INF/services. The name of the file is the name of the SPI class being subclassed, and the file contains the names of the new subclasses of that SPI abstract class (see documentation for more details).

Confluence To Markdown Converter

META-INF/services generator

However there is a great library that extremely simplify publishing of SPI service named META-INF/services generator that use behind the scene a java annotation processor that automatically generates the required mapping file using a java annotation @MetaInfServices as shown below