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†Data on file, Allergan; Nov 2019. Out-of-pocket costs and insurance plans vary. Reimbursement Coverage. Data are subject to change. Data are not a guarantee of coverage, or partial or full payment, by any payers listed.

Copay RefundRefund
When we credential new providers with insurance companies, there is a period of time where the patient is seen without the Doctor being credentialed and and we know we will most likely have to write off the charge. We collect copays at the time of the visit. My question is, if we don't bill the insurance company because it is past the timely filing limit, or we bill them and they deny, can we keep the patient copay or should it be refunded to the patient? My thought is that the copay is the amount the insurance company imposes in the contract with the patient. If the insurance does not pay we should not keep the copay. Thanks for any help with this!

Copay Refund Form

  1. Then refund him (less transactions fees, agreed handling fees etc). Within the Bitpay/Copay app, navigate to Settings. Under Preferences, tap on Bitcoin Cash. Tap on Scan wallets for BCH, and to the right of the BTC wallet you want to duplicate, and tap on Duplicate.
  2. As a condition precedent of the co-payment support provided under this program, e.g., co-pay refunds, participating patients and pharmacies are obligated to inform insurance companies and third-party payers of any benefits they receive and the value of this program, and may not participate if this program is prohibited by or conflicts with.