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Future pop, dream pop, pop pop . . . You can use this song in a video -- just credit me (Evan Schaeffer) with a link back to my SoundCloud account. For information on commercial uses, see my SoundCloud profile and follow the link to www.evanschaeffermusic.com.


Comment by Chynethia Lifestyle

Chris James anything

Comment by Bimal Karmali

wow great......!👍

Comment by Urban Audio

Hi Evan, I love your music. I used this beautiful song on my new YouTube video entitled Urban Audio. Thank you so much for allowing the public to use your music. I hope you get a chance to visit my new site. Best wishes to you!

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Comment by RNC

Thaks for sharing,It's great!

Comment by Hùng Đỗ Thành

this is so good

Comment by MidwestDave

Great song. Using in My New Year;s video for my Gold Mining Channel, Thanks !

Comment by User 848579413

This is my favorite song in my youtube video! thank you so much!

Comment by 林榆鎧

Dream Spotify Heatwaves

love it!

Comment by Blue Boy Hiking

@user-954090595: I could not download it either. Help?

Comment by MBN Productions

Sounds good Evan.

Comment by Music For Social Media


Comment by Scottie Tohottie

Great song. used it in my video. https://youtu.be/MRiCOdTsy34

Comment by 사상사

good i like it

Comment by Mike Dancy

Thanks. using this in a car review video on youtube. Will be sure to link back to you.

Comment by MOJO TV

thank you thank you thank you Evan

Comment by User 561176242


Comment by Madelain Tigano Garcia

Thanks for the music! Used it in my Egypt Video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRBSFmHJ-H0

Comment by Janet Cantrell

Thanks so much Evan. I used this song along with Bright Side in my Whitefish, MT: Eat, Stay, Shop, Play video. Love the tunes and they were perfect for the footage. <3 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8PJEV3nxUeg

Comment by Ellen Dko

Hey Evan- just uploaded a new video and used this amazing song. I think this music is ideal for the beauty vids! It will be available on 01/24/18 https://youtu.be/mD9N4KiT1Y0 Cheers!

Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@belinda-corani: That's right. If you don't like that system, you can get a lot of my music from Free Music Archive. Just search for my name. The download process is easier.

Comment by The Home Conscious Interior Design Podcast

Hello - just checking - artist union say I have to follow you, them, favourite them and you, repost it and follow you and them on Spotify? is that right or have I missed another download button?

Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@user-553136296-992808550: Thanks! Aamco transmission rebuild cost.

Comment by User 553136296


Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@user-954090595: Great, thanks!

Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@elasia-arroyo: Awesome, thanks! What's your channel?

Comment by Angelo

@evanschaeffer: Hi Evan Thanks, downloaded via Free Music Archive. Great Music!

Comment by Elasia Arroyo

thanks im gonna use this on my channel

Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@user-954090595 Don't know what the problem is. Other people have downloaded it today. The song is also available from Free Music Archive. Just search for Evan Schaeffer.

Comment by Angelo

Hi, You say the song is a free download, it cannot be downloaded at Artist Union, can you please provide a direct link to download this track.

Comment by Evan Schaeffer Music Studios

@mycrazyhands: You're welcome!