Elementor Export Template


If you don’t have any saved templates, you can first save the existing pages built by Elementor and then export them. Go to any page which you want to export. Click on the green arrow next to the publish button and select Save as Template option. Enter any name of your choice and hit save. Translating Elementor global widgets. Global widgets is an Elementor Pro feature. It gives you control over a specific widget that is displayed in different areas on your website. Updating the global widget content in one place updates the rest. Translation support for Elementor global widgets and templates is featured in.

Now you can export an import Elementor templates with their images. As you may noticed if you export and import a template from a website that is not live anymore, the template is loaded without its images. This tool will zip your template with all its images and UE widgets allowing you to import it even when the original site is not live.

To export a Elemenor template with images you need to first save it as a template.

1.To save a page as a template go the small arrow next to the green update button you use to save the page.

2. Then select save as template.

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Elementor Export Template With Images

3. Exit the page and go to the Templates in the WP dashboard.

4. Hover over the template you want to export and click EXPORT WITH IMAGES

Elementor Blog Post Template

5. Login the new site you want to import to

6. Click on templates in the menu

7. On top you will see a new button called IMPORT TEMPLATE WITH IMAGES

8. Select the zip file and click import