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Click the folder icon in the Elementor editor. Under “My Templates” click the 3-dots and then click “Export.” How To Import Templates. You can import templates you’ve exported or downloaded. Go to Templates Saved Templates or Templates Theme Builder or Templates Popups and click the “Import Templates” button. One of the most important features of Elementor is to use templates, so you can place the template on any page which is save a lot of time and effort. Step 1: Please navigate to your WP Dashboard - Templates tab, click Add New at the top of the page to create a new template. Creating New Section Template in Elementor. How to use an Elementor Template Kit. Once again, an Elementor Template Kit is a set of templates. Since they are templates, you can import them just like other Elementor templates. If you want it, you can also use a template of a Template Kit independently (without importing the other templates). Elementor has no specific feature to bulk import templates of a Template Kit. In other words, you need to import them one by one on every page and theme builder template of the website you are.

How do I export an Elementor template?

You can export Elementor templates after these simple steps

  1. Now go to the WordPress dashboard and go to “My templates”.
  2. Click on “Saved Templates”
  3. Hover on templates and click on export

How do I get free Elementor templates?

you can get free Elementor templates from mcstarters.com and also learn how to download these templates and how to use Elementor templates in wordpress

How do I save an Elementor as a template?

You can save an Elementor as a template with this step.

  1. Go to the page and click on edit with Elementor
  2. Next, go to the update button, click on the small arrow button
  3. Now click save as a template
  4. Enter Templates and click on save

Explore our free Elementor templates, which help you to make a website with a responsive design.MC Starters free Elementor templates will add significant value to your business if you are a designer, developer and freelancer.

Most freelancers make a client website using templates, so here you find the list of Elementor templates of every type of business; you can find the Elementor landing page, resume, law agencies, companies, accounting, lawyer, fitness templates, etc. These templates are a huge time saver because it can save your hours of time and effort. With this approach, you can make the website faster.

MC Starters website also provides an Elementor header and footer, which you can also find on this website. Make a website using the Elementor page builder is very easy because we offer free Elementor templates with header and footer sections.

The Elementor WordPress page builder is a dynamic content creator and page builder that you can use to build a one of a kind WordPress website.

Furthermore, the Elementor Template Library gives you access to hundreds of designer-made Page layouts and Blocks, all with premium high-end stock images, which you can use freely on your site. How to clear system cache android.

How to Use the Elementor Template Library

Let’s take a look at how to navigate around and use the Elementor template library.

Inserting Templates

Once you are inside the Elementor page editor you want to click the folder icon to add a Page template, Block, or your own saved template from the editing screen.

When you click the folder icon a number of options will appear. You can:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon to preview a template.
  • Click insert to select a chosen template.
  • Give your favorite templates a heart and save them to “My Favorites.”
  • Click the arrow in the top right corner to upload a .json or .zip file.

Saving Pages as Templates

If you create a new page and want to save it as a template simply click the green button located on the bottom left of the open panel.

Choose “Save as Template” then give your template a name and save it.

Saving Sections as Templates

Choose the section you would like to save as an Elementor template and right click the section settings blue button. Give your section a name and click “Save.”

How To Export Templates

You can export your saved templates.

Click the folder icon in the Elementor editor. Under “My Templates” click the 3-dots and then click “Export.”

How To Import Templates

You can import templates you’ve exported or downloaded.

Elementor Template Kits

Go to Templates > Saved Templates or Templates > Theme Builder or Templates > Popups and click the “Import Templates” button.

Now choose the file you want to import and click the “Import Now” button. Your imported template will now be displayed in your Templates list.

There is a lot you can do with Elementor templates. Create, build and save your own Elementor template library to use anywhere.

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Elementor Use Template

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