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N type fet
полевой транзистор, ПТ

1 MOSFET Device Physics and Operation 1.1 INTRODUCTION A field effect transistor (FET) operates as a conducting semiconductor channel with two ohmic contacts – the source and the drain – where the number of charge carriers in the channel is controlled by a third contact – the gate.In the vertical direction, the gate. A N-Channel JFET is a JFET whose channel is composed of primarily electrons as the charge carrier. This means that when the transistor is turned on, it is primarily the movement of electrons which constitutes the current flow. This is in contrast to P-Channel JFETs, whose channel is composed primarily of holes, which constitute the current flow. Galvanically Isolated, 2-Channel, 16-Bit, Simultaneous Sampling, Daisy-Chained Data Acquisition System. Lithium Ion Battery Stack Monitor with Both Signal and Power Isolation. Precision, Low Power, Single-Supply, Fully Integrated Differential ADC Driver for Industrial-Level Signals. Ultralow Power, 18-Bit, Differential. Junction FET, JFET: The junction FET, or JFET uses a reverse biased diode junction to provide the gate connection. The structure consists of a semiconductor channel which can be either N-type or P-type. A semiconductor diode is then fabricated onto the channel in such a way that the voltage on the diode affects the FET channel.

- barrier-gate FET
- bi-FET
- bulk FET
- bulk-channel FET
- channel-injection FET
- collector FET
- common-drain FET
- common-gate FET
- common-source FET
- depletion mode FET
- double-gate FET
- electron-conducting FET
- enhancement mode FET
- epitaxial-diffused FET
- ferroelectric FET
- floating-gate FET
- gallium-arsenide FET
- gallium-nitride FET
- grounded-drain FET
- grounded-gate FET
- grounded-source FET
- heterojunction FET
- heterojunction-gate FET
- hole-conducting FET
- induced-channel FET
- infrared metal-oxide-semiconductor FET
- insulated-gate FET
- internal-channel FET
- junction FET
- junction-gate FET
- metal-gate FET
- metal-insulator-semiconductor FET
- metal-oxide-semiconductor FET
- metal-oxide-silicon FET
- metal-Schottky FET
- microwave FET
- modulation doped FET
- monolithic FET
- multichannel FET
- multilayer-gate FET
- n-channel FET
- p-channel FET
- photoconductive FET
- photosensitive FET
- pinched-base FET
- planar FET
- p-n-junction FET
- punch-through FET
- remote-cutoff FET
- resonant-gate FET
- Schottky-barrier FET
- Schottky-gate FET
- self-aligned gate FET
- short-channel FET
- short-gate FET
- single-channel FET
- submicron gate FET
- surface-channel FET
- two-gate FET
- two-junction FET
- uniform-channel FET
- vertical FET

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Infineon is the market leader in highly efficient solutions for power generation, power supply and power consumption. The latest generation of Infineon’s MOSFET transistors were designed to ensure market leading performance, improve efficiency and to achieve better thermals in terms of the state of the art EMI behavior.

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AC-DC applications requiring high-voltage blocking capability and fast switching with low losses take advantage of the revolutionary CoolMOS™ superjunction technology for more efficient power supplies. Infineon’s superjunction MOSFETs serve today's and especially tomorrow’s trends in different topologies, ranging from a simple flyback to TCM Totem Pole PFC. Designers benefit from a lower temperature, the improved form factor, and increased efficiency.