Flat Sketches Of Garments


192.168.l.lWhen entering into any industry, there is always a new language to learn, and fashion is no exception. In fact, technical design packages alone contain several terms that may be new to someone just starting out, or even industry veterans. Tech packs include all the information necessary to communicate to a manufacturer how a product should be made, and if you’re at this stage now, you may have heard the term “flat sketch,” or “flat,” mentioned.

What is a flat sketch?

Fashion flats are drawings of what garments would look like if they were laying flat on table, like this: And whether you’re entry level, mid career, or even a senior designer, you need to know how to draw them in Illustratorquickly and efficiently.

Flat Sketches Of Garments

A flat sketch, also called flat drawing and technical flat in the fashion industry, is a technical drawing of a garment as if it were laid flat to show the design details like seams and stitching. It is a black and white CAD (or computer-aided design) drawing that serves as a guide for drafting the pattern design, and is prepared at the beginning of the development stage. This helps both the designer and the patternmaker throughout the entire garment-making process.

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Xd2sketch. Why is a flat sketch important?

A flat sketch serves as an essential part of the garment specification sheet—or tech pack—that goes to the patternmaker and sewing team. The drawing gives the patternmaker the information they need about the technical components that make up each garment.

Not sure how to get started on yours?

If you already have a garment concept, the next step is to find a studio to put together your technical design package. JLD-Studios is one of many factories that offers full apparel development, including technical design services.

Flat Sketch Of Garments

Technical flats are only one aspect of the technical design package. For more information about tech packs and their components, visit the following pages: