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Much has been written about it, but I have never read anything on exactly how to succeed in this seemingly magical world of clothes. First and foremost do you love fashion and design? I don’t mean do you love going to the mall to shop for pretty clothes. What I mean is do you study every aspect of Vogues September issue, do you feel a real Inspiration while watching movies, reading books and even just doodling in your sketch pad. Do you watch in the street for someone wearing something special, not a designer item but something even more beautiful. Something different born out of the wearers sheer desire to express their personality, after all this is the very birthplace of great design.

Yves Saint Laurent once said “Dressing is a way of life” I think this is also true about Fashion Design. It is a way of life one that can take you to the most beautiful places, but long before you get to the beautiful places you must work on your craft with the precision of a surgeon. I am often asked how do you know what you will design for the new season? Really, I don’t always know but I trust that the ideas will come, because they always have. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t always come easily, after all Fashion has its mystery that cannot be defined.

I believe very strongly as has been proven in my life that the spoils will always go to the person who works the hardest and of course the person who wants it the most, not as commonly thought to the most talented person. Talent is of course essential but equally as important is discipline, one is useless without the other. I didn’t know this golden rule when I began to find my way as a designer.

This is what has prompted me to write. I want to speak to the future designers and even existing designers about what I wish I knew then and what I continue to learn during my journey.

Welcome to our crash course in fashion flats! Come and take a deep-dive into the world of fashion with flat sketches, also known as tech sketches, line drawings and design development sketches (DDS). You'll be an expert by the time you're done reading this!

It All Started in The Caves

Flat Sketches Of Tops

Since the dawn of man, humans have sought out ways of communicating, sharing ideas, practices, customs and beliefs. The scribes, painters and stone cutters of ancient Egypt (3200 BC—30 BC) were among the first 'commercial' artists, working as paid or conscripted artisans for the Egyptian nation-state.

With the development of the modern fashion industry in the 19th century, designers started using technical sketches to communicate their design ideas so teams could work on them.

What's a Flat Sketch?

A flat sketch is a two-dimensional technical drawing which illustrates a garment with basic solid lines. It's like a 'blueprint' of your fashion design —much like an architect's blueprint for a house before they can begin to construct it.

The word 'flat' refers to the way that they are drawn: imagine the garment is lying flat on a table so that you are viewing all the details from either the front or the back.

Aside from front/back views, some brands will include drawings of details or the side views to show how panels travel around the body or how sections of the garment should be constructed.

Why Flat Sketches are Important

As an essential part of the garment specification sheet or tech pack, they give your pattern-maker and your manufacturer's sewing teams all the information they need about the technical components of a piece. How else will they understand your vision

Difference Between Flats and Illustrations

A fashion illustration captures the mood, proportion and color of your design, it's more of an interpretation of your idea. Whereas the technical sketch helps translate the garment into something 'universal' which a whole team of people can understand and work on.

A fashion illustration is transformed into a technical sketch to create a 'blueprint' for the pattern and construction of the garment.

Creating Fashion Flats: The Essentials

1) Include multiple views of your garment

Sometimes just front/ back views are not enough for a factory to understand your design requirements. Ideally, you should include side views, inside and other details to show how the garment should be constructed.

2) Be as Detailed as Possible

Develop templates that are detailed so you can use them later in other tech packs. Remember that with Techpacker you can save design details inside cards to be used again as needed.

3) Keep it Simple

Add details as explained above but don't overcomplicate things either. Avoid shading and use plain black and white sketches to clearly represent your design.

Read more about how to ace your flat sketches every time!

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Tech Developments to The Rescue!

Tech flats used to be hand-drawn using rulers and black felt tip pens and indicated the scaling of the original design sample measurements.

Today, most brands use Computer Aided Design (CAD) technologies that enable virtual true to life prototypes, instead of real samples. However, CAD technology isn't cheap and has a steep learning curve. Which is why most designers prefer Adobe Illustrator to create their flats.

Long Women Coats Flat Sketches

The Technical Designer

There's actually someone who only specialises in technical flat drawings. In fact, their role should be to link the Design and Production teams. They are essentially the engineers of fashion.

Funnily though, no two Technical Design jobs are ever the same. To learn more about all the things tech designers can do check out this article. The learning opportunities in this field are endless!

Watch ▶︎

Here's a video from this insightful post by the University of Arts, London that we highly recommend for you to get on the right track doing flats!

Interesting Resources

→ Free fashion flats in Adobe Illustrator format and tips on how to create flats
Designer Nexus (You need to sign up for free first!)

→ Check out this designer who looked into creating a Web-based Design Support System for Fashion Technical Sketches. Her idea was to enable users to design realistic garments in the form of technical sketches over the internet.

Women Clothes Flat Sketches

What's next?

Once you have your flat sketches ready, it's time to add them to your tech packs and send over to your manufacturers so they can get started to turn your idea into a product.

In 3 simple steps, Techpacker allows you to add all your flat sketches as cards, make comments and send PDF-ready tech packs to your manufacturers in the blink of an eye!


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