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  1. The app comes with all the photo editing tools standard in professional-grade software, including layer functionality, transforming and cloning, and a collection of versatile brushes. It’s available as a standalone app or as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop.
  2. Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer installs + 180 plug-ins, pattern, gradients, curves easy for Photoshop + GIMP with 1 click. Use the Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer to choose one or more. plugins - brushes - scripts - patterns - gradients. To install them easily and full-automatically.

Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion: GIMP 2.8.2 for Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard & 10.7.x Lion – 64 bit: GIMP 2.8.2 for Snow Leopard & Lion Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard – 32 bit: GIMP 2.8.2 for Snow Leopard. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMP is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo retouching, image composition, and image construction. GIMP has many capabilities. You may want to check out more software for Mac, such as GimpPainter, Seashore or Pixen, which might be similar to Gimp.

GIMP 2.99.2 Crack License Keygen 2021 Download [Latest Version]

GIMP Crackhas free distribution software, suitable for tasks such as photo retouching, image compositing, and image creation. Also, GIMP Download is powerful software with features not found in other free software products. GIMP is a cross-platform photo manipulation tool. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Therefore, GIMP 2.99.2 Crack is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo enhancement, image composition, and image construction. Therefore, the GIMP plugin has many features. In addition, it can be used as a simple painting program, a special quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, an image renderer for mass production, an image format converter, etc.

GIMP 2.99.2 Crack is a graphics program that has various capabilities. This program can be used as a simple drawing program, an excellent image processing program, a system that can be processed online, create large-scale images and change the format of images, etc. Also, Gimp Tutorial is a graphics and vector editor. for Windows and other systems. Furthermore, GIMP Crack 2021 provides high-level color management capabilities to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction on digital and print media. Therefore, it is best used in workflows that involve other free software such as Employees, Ink Covers, and Swatch Bookers. This is a powerful product, with the ability that such unusual equipment is not found in a variety of free tools. Also, you can use it as a simple painting program like high-quality photo retouching software. So this is also used as a web batching system

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  • GIMP Crack allows you to adjust the appearance to your liking.
  • Provides enhancements and flexibility to photos.
  • Various defects in digital photography are easily corrected with GIMP.
  • Ideal for advanced photo modification techniques.
  • With cloning tools in perspective.
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  • This includes very exclusive support for some input devices.
  • Contains various USB or MIDI controllers.
  • Change the size, angle, or opacity of the brush.
  • Accelerate your workflow.
  • The file format supports JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF.
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  • Improves image quality.
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  • More guidelines are available for applying themes or filters or adding sticker titles and more.
  • Provide higher quality and attractive results.
  • A better way to save your memories as images.
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  • Adjust the sound.
  • You can easily create all kinds of GIFs.

System Requirements:

  • View
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 64-bit operating system
  • Recommended screen resolution
  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • 40 GB hard or more
  • 1GB RAM minimum

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The Free & Open Source Image Editor

This is the official website of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).


GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code and distribute your changes.

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.

Recent News

🎄 Development release GIMP 2.99.4 is out 🎁2020-12-25
This is 252020-11-21

High Quality Photo Manipulation

GIMP provides the tools needed for high quality image manipulation. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination.

Gimp Photo Editing Software For Mac

Original Artwork Creation

GIMP gives artists the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations.

Graphic Design Elements

Gimp Software For Mac

GIMP is used for producing icons, graphical design elements, and art for user interface components and mockups.

Programming Algorithms

GIMP is a high quality framework for scripted image manipulation, with multi-language support such as C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme, and more!

Key Component in a Desktop Publishing Workflow

Audios. GIMP provides top-notch color management features to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction across digital and printed media. It is best used in workflows involving other free software such as Scribus, Inkscape, and SwatchBooker.


Extensibility & Flexibility

GIMP provides extensibility through integration with many programming languages including Scheme, Python, Perl, and more.

The result is a high level of customization as demonstrated by the large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community.

Gimp Software For Mac

Header image: Matador Rocks by Mica Semrick (cba)

High Quality Photo Manipulation background image by Pat David (cba)

Original Artwork Creation background image by David Revoy (cb)

Gimp Editing Software For Mac

Graphic Design Elements background image by Ollin Bohan (cba)