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MediaTek is preparing to launch the Helio P40 and Helio P70 midrange chipsets in the upcoming weeks, and the latter just popped on AnTuTu. The SoC scored 156,906, which is higher than the Helio X30, Snapdragon 660 and Exynos 7872.

Yesterday guitar problem. The chipset that is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2018 scored 73,969 in CPU, which is above its upper mid-range competitors, but GPU result was 30,737, which is falling behind both the SD660 and Helio X30.

UX score of the upcoming midranger is 41,089, outperformed only by the flagship Helio X30 but at least it is leading the SoC race in RAM with 11,111. The cumulative score is almost 157,000 which is higher than the result of a Snapdragon 821 in the LG G6 or a Snapdragon 835 in the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

The Helio P70 is expected to be built on the 12nm process by TSMC. It will have octa-core CPU, Mali G72 MP4 GPU, and Category 13 LTE modem. MediaTek is yet to announce any phone makers that will use the chipset.

✖ MediaTek Helio P70 ✖ Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP) is a more advanced version of big.LITTLE technology. In this setup, a processor can utilize all cores at the. ✖ MediaTek Helio P70 ✖ Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP) is a more advanced version of big.LITTLE technology. In this setup, a processor can utilize all cores at the same time, or just a single core for low-intensity tasks. 28% Discount code is valid until this Sunday: Blackview BV6300 Pro Helio P70 6GB+128GB IP68 Waterproof Rugged Smart. The MediaTek Helio P70 is rumored to be a 12nm chipset manufactured by TSMC. It is expected to bring four Cortex A73 powerful cores clocked at 2.5 GHz and other four cores of Cortex A53 clocked at 2.0 GHz. The chipset also rumored to feature Mali-G72 MP4 800 MHz graphics and carry support for eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.1 dual-channel LPDDR4x 3733 RAM of.

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Helio P90

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not every snapdragon has custom rom either. there are a lot of mediatek devices out there has support for custom rom. android updates is more likely depends on oem, there are lots of oem using snapdragon but wont update their phone.

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Helio P70 Vs Snapdragon

We talking about unfair behavior that kill competitors according to many jugements! What do you want? Monopoly? Have the choice between Samsung, Huawei or devices that all use Qualcomm? I don't! Monopoly lead to higher price ! About support ..

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Helio p70 vs snapdragon 845

MediaTek is following up on its AI-centric P60 chipset with a new more polished platform. The Helio P70 promises a 10-30% boost in AI tasks and a 13% improvement on general tasks. That said, things haven’t changed that much from the P60.

The new chipset is built on the same 12nm process, but it runs both its CPU and its GPU at higher clock speeds. On the processor side, the four big cores, Cortex-A73, now run at 2.1GHz. Meanwhile, the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU is now clocked at 900MHz. There’s a table below with more details.

The Helio P70 claims to use up to 35% less power in popular games compared to the P60, despite the bump in performance. Energy Aware Scheduling+ is a thermal management solution that promises to lower operating temperature by up to 4.5°C (the P60 had the non-plus version of this tech).

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The chipset has hardware to do the heavy lifting when it comes to camera effects. Bokeh is rendered at 24fps, a 3x improvement in performance. It has a hardware warping engine for low-power electronic image stabilization (MediaTek says it saves 23mA per second vs. doing it on the GPU).

The P70 has triple ISPs that can handle a 24+16MP dual camera or a single 32MP camera. supports up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM (1,800MHz). It can use UFS 2.1 or eMMC 5.1 storage. The built-in modem supports two SIMs, VoLTE and Band 71 (600MHz), which is popular in the US.

Helio P60Helio P70
Process12nm (TSMC)12nm (TSMC)
Big CPU cores4x Cortex-A73 at 2.0GHz4x Cortex-A73 at 2.1GHz
Small CPU cores4x Cortex-A53 at 2.0GHz4x Cortex-A53 at 2.0GHz
GPUMali-G72 MP3 at 800MHzMali-G72 MP3 at 900MHz
RAMUp to 8GB 1,800MHz LPDDR4XUp to 8GB 1,800MHz LPDDR4X
StorageUFS 2.1 / eMMC 5.1UFS 2.1 / eMMC 5.1
Camera20+16MP or 32MP24+16MP or 32MP
Screen2,400 x 1,080px2,400 x 1,080px
4G LTECat. 7 (DL) / Cat. 13 (UL)Cat. 7 (DL) / Cat. 13 (UL)

Helio P70 Phone

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This was a very cool upgrade from P60 as it made gaming experience so much better! Now P90 is in the market and it will change the whole thing!

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Helio P70 Vs G90t

What all major improvements have been made in Mediatek Helio P70 in comparison to Helio P60

Helio P70 Vs Snapdragon 845

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Helio P70 Vs Helio G90t

...And it seems I was right indeed. https://www.gsmarena.com/realme_will_use_the_helio_p70_in_upcoming_phones-news-33910.php

Helio P70 Phones