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You need to hire a bartender for parties, we have the best! Be a proper host and greet your guests as they arrive with a big smile and a delicious cocktail made fresh by your own private bar team. Leave the cocktails making to the professionals, hire party bartenders and enjoy spending time with your guests instead of running around with a bottle in hand topping up drinks!

  1. Auckland Bartenders is the online booking platform where you can find professional cocktail bar services. For private parties at home, weddings, parties at the office in Auckland and all types of social events. Professional mixologists that come to you, mobile cocktail bars and entertaining flair bartenders are waiting for your call.
  2. Bartenders For Hire - Cocktail bartenders. London Bartenders, mixologists and flair bartenders. Whether you are having a small party at home with friends in London or a full blown cocktail party, hire a cocktail bartender and forget about the stressing of the bar. Find and hire event professionals at London Bartenders today.
  3. Every bartender for hire has a bar kit ready to take on any event. Bartenders will bring to the event all the equipment they need; you don’t have to worry about providing any equipment. Our premium light-up bars available for rent are sure to add another unique touch to the.

Bartender from Tacoma, WA (36 miles from Redmond, WA) Hire an experienced and licensed bartender and barback for your special events and private parties! Whether you're getting married, or getting together with friends to watch the big game, we can help! We offer cocktail party bartenders for hire in Sydney since 2010, and so we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to design the perfect event. Our Party Starter Package includes a professional mixologist for a minimum of 2.5 hours, a mixed set of cocktail glasses and the bartender's tools. The perfect option to get you on the right track.

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With more than 80 event professionals registered with us from Sydney to Melbourne, Adelaide to Perth and Brisbane, Barmen For Hire is one of the very few mobile bar companies able to cover events at almost any location!

Mobile bartenders, we come to you

The mixologist will bring all the bar tools needed to make the drinks.

Mobile cocktail bars for hire at home

All inclusive packages for hire as part of a deal with a Mobile Bar!


Award winning mixologist are waiting to hear from you, book in confidence!

House Parties

Our bartenders are the party specialists you need to make your event amazing!


As mobile cocktail caterers, your bartenders will arrive fully kitted with all the tools required!


A %10 discount will be applied to all events booked by our return customers, some T&C's apply.

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Barmen For Hire offers a range of professional event bar services to cater for your event, book the service only or our custom mobile bars and all inclusive drinks packages. Mixing drinks for over a decade, our cocktail bartenders know a thing or two about what combination of services make for a successful event.

House party event professionals, fun hen party cocktail classes, elegant wedding party drinks receptions and large scale corporate events, hire a bartender almost anything. Bear bookends children.

Enjoy the best cocktails from the comfort of your home!

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For all event quotes or any queries or questions you may have about, please fill in our bookings form. Hire your bartender early to guarantee your date, a booking fee of 50% is due to secure your date. Final balance is due in full on the day of event.

*For some locations travel charges may apply. The following rates do not include the travel charges, the full cost will be confirmed at enquiry stage.

Cocktail bartenders $140

A professional mixologist for 2 hours.

Cocktail making equipment Free

Your mixologist will bring the shakers, strainer, ice scoop, a muddler and the bar spoon.

Flair bartenders $200

An entertaining flairtender for 2 hours.

Our Skilled Event managers can provide you with the best advice so that you can achieve you can plan the perfect cocktail party!

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How to hire a bartender for a party, so you can have cocktails for days.

Hosting a party shouldn't be stressful, so hiring help for a party can make all the difference— learn how to hire a bartender for a party. How to hire a bartender for a party is an easy thing to learn that can be a total game-changer. Hiring a bartender for a party is actually really easy and, once you've tried it, you may wonder what took you so long to start learning how to hire a bartender for a party. Because really, shouldn't the day be about relaxing with your friends and your guests? If hiring someone to help can make a difference, then why not take advantage of it?

And it's probably simpler than you think. Hiring a bartender doesn't make a party that much more expensive— you're still buying the booze in bulk from a liquor store, but it can make you so much more relaxed. Not only that, it can really up the classiness level of a party— with people sipping cocktails that fit the occasion rather than whatever beer and wine you could find. It also means someone is keeping an eye on how much everyone is drinking, so you can keep the party from getting out of hand.

And when it comes to throwing a great party, we all need all the help we can get. Here's how it happens.

For Hiring A Bartender For A Party, Look At Catering Companies


If you want to hire a bartender, a good place to start is to look at catering companies. Even if you don't want the whole meal catered, they often will provide other services— including bartenders. It's a good way to make sure you find someone who knows what they're doing, from making drinks to having the right license.

Check The Rules About Hiring A Bartender


When you're serving alcohol, you always want to be careful. In some states you can be liable for what a guest does if they've had too much to drink on your property, but hiring a bartender can mean that they take responsibility, so you can relax. Make sure you check everything in advance.

Work Out How Much It Is To Hire A Bartender And All The Details Beforehand


Hiring a bartender should make the day easier, not more complicated— so make sure you work out the details in advance. How much booze do you need to buy? How much will they charge? What time will they arrive and where will they set up? There are a lot of questions. Working it out in advance will mean that the day will be stress-free— or as stress-free as it can be.

Bartenders For Hire Near Me

Throwing a party is fun and rewarding— but it's also a ton of work. Finding ways to make it easier on yourself is a must. If you want to hire a bartender for your party, it's really easy to look into the options available near you and find someone who is perfect for the kind of party that you're throwing. And then you can sit back and relax.. with a cocktail of course.

Hire A Bartender For A House Party Near Me

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