Homebrew Latex

  1. Homebrew appears to be a nice replacement for MacPorts for installing unix applications not provided by Apple. It puts installed libraries in their own folders in /usr/local/Cellar/ and then sym-links the executables to /usr/local/bin/. It also appears to provide a nice way of keeping Python 2.X up-to-date, but I haven’t tried that yet.
  2. I ran out of home brew in the spring and haven’t gotten around to making another batch, hence the store bought stuff. But for the next batch, I think I’ll stick with the same basic recipe, but reduce the antifreeze and water quantities by a bit. Basically just make it so there’s relatively more latex in the mix.
  3. Package/Library management tool for macOS. Once there is Homebrew, it is much easier to install things on macOS! (I used to use MacPorts for package managing but I broke system packages with it. Since Homebrew install things without sudo it is much safer for beginners, like me.).
  4. Homebrew is a package manager for macOS and Linux that provides an easy interface to install many packages. It has been built to play nicely with your existing system and not interfere with it. It has been built entirely on top of Git and Ruby and is easily customized to suit your needs.

The Official HexCorp ⬡-Drone Construction Guide.

What gas mask are you wearing?’, ‘Where did you get your latex?’ We get these questions a lot. There’s huge demand placed on the dronification industry these days and our conversion facilities practically can’t keep up! How can we blame those motivated ‘individuals’ (not for long) who just want to dive into a vat of liquid latex mindlessness and embrace the Hive wholeheartedly?

Visual studio for mac

Homebrew Latex

If you do not know how to install and set-up LaTeX, we highly recommend you use Overleaf or other online Latex editing tool. Then all you need to do is copy and paste dnd.sty and example.tex into the online editor. If you don't have LaTeX installed and wish to compile this on your machine, then please ensure you install the FULL version of LaTeX.

Homebrew Latex Gloves

That’s where this guide comes in. It’s our objective to have your unprocessed mind thoroughly rinsed through with as much self-droning material as possible. From gas masks to boots, we’ll cover every item required to create a fully-operational ⬡-Drone.

It should be noted that it is near impossible to write a general, global guide, as different regions can have massively different circumstances when it comes to obtaining the below items. This is why this guide cannot provide exact instructions, but instead equips the would-be drone with the tools necessary to venture out into the world of drone material acquisition themselves.

Gas masks

The HexCorp ⬡-Drone design currently incorporates either one of two gas masks: the MSA Millennium or the MSA Advantage. These masks are incredibly sleek in their design, offering a large visor for visibility whilst also providing a totally faceless experience for our identity-less, uniform drones.
These masks are slightly difficult to acquire, they can usually only be bought in bulk from MSA itself. This situation is ever changing however, as more and more second hand masks make their way into the marketplace via eBay. The prices can range significantly as well, so it's worth searching vigorously to get the best deal. These masks are even harder to acquire outside of the US, but it still definitely possible to obtain them (we have).
To get that perfect, faceless experience, you'll also need a tinted lens to make sure no one can see though to the flesh trapped beneath. These should also be available for purchase on eBay, or included with the mask itself, so make sure to check when purchasing.
Another attachment that you may well consider is an LED display. These devices are so useful for augmented any drone, allowing a drone's exterior to communicate visually so that their brains can remain docile and unthinking. Currently, outside of any large, industrial complex, these devices usually have to be created by hand by the drone in question. This situation may soon be changing however, as more and more drone fanatics enter the scene and bring their crafting tools with them. I know of at least two drone fans who are planning to start producing and selling LED drone augments, and I will update this guide when these become available.
If you are planning on doing it yourself with an LED display, it's worth pondering exactly how to design it. The visor is of course a wonderful location to have a large array of pixels to display a drone's emotional state or identification number. Others have opted to create a module that slots into the front port of the MSA gas mask, having less of an impact on the drone's visual perception. Here at HexCorp, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Alternative Masks

There are plenty of options out there for gas masks for all kinds of aesthetics. Though we would always recommend getting one in black that allows no visual of the face beneath!

A question we often get asked is what is the alternative helmet that the Hive Mxtress often wears. Though the helmet has been repurposed by a custom designer to be in all black, the original plastic shell can be found relatively easily by searching for the ‘Evangelion Helmet’. Unless a new helmet design has been introduced into the franchise since this article was written, the first result should always be to a vendor selling a helmet of a similar design.

Control headsets

Macos Latex Homebrew

Every drone needs its binaural/subliminal hit of brainwashing sound waves. Our headsets need to provide these hits of audio dopamine whilst also providing that aesthetically pleasing drone-look. The current model that blessedly sits atop our drone's little minds is the AXENT Wear - Cat Ear Headphones, usually sold by Brookstone. These can come in both wired and wireless form. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, these headphones are not supplied in a reliable way, due to issues with Brookstone (which has played havoc with our ⬡-Drone mass production).
Like with the gas mask, the most consistent way of acquiring these right now is through a second hand purchase, usually via eBay. This situation may change in the future depending on the status of Brookstone.


This is definitely the most complex aspect of dronification. Unlike with the gas mask and headset, with latex there is a variety of options as well as a variety of producers. It would be a massive disservice to the latex fashion industry if we were to simply list out where we resource our uniforms from and leave it at that.

Homebrew Latex Mattress

Instead, we’re going to provide you with a list of options from the experts. Reflective Desires have been on top of the game in terms of latex video and photography. They also, kindly, provide a list here of all their rubbery sources.

What we can do, to guide you on this path into rubber drone-hood, is give you a rundown of all the different items you're going to need to obtain for yourself. You may find that actually this isn't the right list for you, preferring to experiment with arrangement of garments. That's fine! So long as the drone is totally coated in rubber, sealed in for complete submission and as featureless and uniform as the rest of them, then we consider that to be a dronifying well done.

Here’s what use to dress our drones:
- Hood
- Catsuit
- Gloves
- Stockings
- Corset
- Collar (hypno or standard)
You might find you can acquire a catsuit which has the hands and feet incorporated into the design, or you may prefer to go down the route of having gloves and stockings instead. At HexCorp, we adore using gloves and stockings to pursue our exact drone aesthetic.
The boots (which are coming up next) also help significantly with the overall drone design.



Drones do a lot of obedient walking from order to order, between being stored away for reconditioning for indefinite periods of time. The boots that carry a drone down the dark, gloomy catacombs of a Hive need to be durable, tight and blend in with the rest of a drone’s look. Within these parameters there’s a few variations of footwear a drone can be locked into, ranging from the glistening heels of Pleaser to the stomping reliability of Dr. Martens.

For our HexDrones, we specifically use Pleaser VANITY-1020 to provide them with the elegance they need to perform their mind-numbing tasks. There’s plenty of other boots that are both sleek and shiny that satisfy this role however, for whatever type of drone you wish to convert yourself into.

…and that’s it!

Homebrew Latex Update

Please see our gallery for some examples of our finished drone products! We hope this guide helped you in acquiring and submitting to the drone-look of your dreams. No doubt we’ll keep updating this guide as the drone scene continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. We hope we’ve helped you with your own drone endeavours, and have fun!