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Apache - Testing an HTTP2 connection using Chrome Now, we are going to test our Apache HTTP2 installation. We are going to use the Chrome HTTP/2 and SPDY Indicator extension to detect the HTTP2 support. Access the Google web store and install the Chrome HTTP/2 and SPDY Indicator extension. Enable HTTP/2 support with Apache NOTE: We are in the process of modifying the file structure and configuration for many Bitnami stacks. On account of these changes, the file paths stated in this guide may change depending on whether your Bitnami stack uses native Linux system packages (Approach A), or if it is a self-contained installation (Approach B). LoadModule http2module modules/ And add the following line: Protocols h2 http/1.1 To debug, you can set only the module rather than the entire server to debug or info: http2module LogLevel http2:info For more information – including extra HTTP/2 feature settings – see the modhttp2 documentation.

Http2 Apache

Build httpd with HTTP/2 support

Http 2 protocol

mod_http2Basic geometry area formulas. uses the library of nghttp2 as its implementation base. In order to build mod_http2 you need at least version 1.2.1 of libnghttp2 installed on your system.

HTTP2.Pro - Check server & client HTTP/2, ALPN, and NPN support online. HTTP2.Pro Online tool to check server HTTP/2, ALPN, and Server-push support. W3 Total Cache seems to rely on the function apachegetmodules to detect Apache modules, which does not work with FPM. According to this support article from Plesk, this issue can be ignored. Installing and Enabling HTTP/2 in Apache. Enable the module modhttp2: sudo a2enmod http2 sudo service apache2 restart.

When you ./configure you Apache httpd source tree, you need to give it '--enable-http2' as additional argument to trigger the build of the module. Should your libnghttp2 reside in an unusual place (whatever that is on your operating system), you may announce its location with '--with-nghttp2=<path>' to configure.

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While that should do the trick for most, they are people who might prefer a statically linked nghttp2 in this module. For those, the option --enable-nghttp2-staticlib-deps exists. It works quite similar to how one statically links openssl to mod_ssl.

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Speaking of SSL, you need to be aware that most browsers will speak HTTP/2 only on https: URLs, so you need a server with SSL support. But not only that, you will need a SSL library that supports the ALPN extension. If OpenSSL is the library you use, you need at least version 1.0.2.