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Spotify premium without IU is just. Chat-2; Mar 1st 2021; Weeekly are coming to the forums! Ask your Q's here! Reactions 253 Posts 1,208. Listen to IU on Spotify. Artist 6M monthly listeners. South Korean singer, songwriter, and actress Lee Ji-eun performs on the sweeter side of the K-pop spectrum, often focused on ballads and light pop. Feb 28, 2021 IU NOT ON SPOTIFY???? VioletParr; Feb 28th 2021; Weeekly are coming to the forums! Ask your Q's here! Reactions 1,253 Posts 7,520 Guild Promised. However, there are no songs distributed by KakaoM. Artists under the label of Kakao M such as IU and MONSTA X, are not available along with some songs of Lim Young Woong and Zico. As a result, Spotify received a disappointing response that it could only provide half of the service other platforms could. Credit: Starship Entertainment. Other artists' songs have also been removed from Spotify, including newer releases by IU. A Twitter user has since been compiling a list of South Korean artists whose songs have disappeared from.

IU continues to prove herself as the princess of K-pop. On Saturday, May 8, the South Korean singer-actress made another major feat, which only BTS and Suga have achieved before, on Spotify.

(Photo : IU Official Instagram Account)

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IU Achieves BTS and Suga’s Record on Spotify

Reports revealed that IU just joined BTS and Suga as the only few K-pop idols to have multiple songs that surpassed the 100 million stream mark on Spotify. According to the website, the songstress has generated more than 5.8 million monthly listeners already.

Among the most-listened tracks by IU on Spotify are “eight,” a collaboration song she did with BTS member Suga, with more than 135 million streams and “BBIBBI” with more than 100 million streams. Other popular songs of the K-pop princess on the said platform include “Blueming” with more than 61 million streams, “Palette” (featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon) with more than 75 million streams and “Celebrity” with more than 40 million streams.

(Photo : IU Official Instagram Account)

Most, if not all, fans are aware that IU released her “LILAC” album, through Edam Entertainment, on March 25. The said EP served as the fifth Korean-language studio album of the South Korean songstress. The Korean Music Content Association certified the album platinum after it sold more than 250,000 copies since its release.

Hanteo even revealed that the “LILAC” album by IU sold more than 216,319 copies during its first day. Because of that, the said EP was pronounced as the highest-selling album of a South Korean female soloist during its first week.

Aside from Hanteo, “LILAC” also entered several other charts around the world. It peaked at No. 1 on Gaon Chart, No. 9 on Billboard U.S. World Albums Chart, No. 18 on Billboard U.S. Heatseekers Albums Chart, No. 23 on Oricon Charts and No. 63 on Billboard Japan Hot Albums Chart.

Spotify Korean Music

(Photo : IU Official Instagram Account)

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Spotify Kpop Removed

IU Takes 8th Win on ‘Music Core’ with ‘LILAC’

Meanwhile, IU reigned supreme again for the eighth time during the most recent episode of “Music Core.” The K-pop idol dominated again after she amassed a total of 6,949 votes, beating “Ugly Dance” by ONF and “Mafia in the Morning” by ITZY.

Among the most notable performers this week are NXT, who performed “Choco Ice Cream,” P1 Harmony, who performed “Scared,” STAYC, who performed “So What” and Hongja, who performed “Glass of Tears.” Other artists who appeared on “Music Core” during its latest episode inclide Soran, NORAZO, Jung Dong Won, AB6IX, ITZY, ONF, Highlight, Mckdaddy and YELO.

(Photo : IU Official Instagram Account)

Not only that because Gaon also gave IU a platinum certification after “LILAC” reached 250,000 sales. Joining the K-pop princess on the platinum club are Stray Kids with “Cle:LEVANTER,” ATEEZ with “ZERO: FEVER Part. 2,” WayV with “Kick Back,” BLACKPINK member Rosé with “-R-,” and Super Junior with “The Renaissance.”

As of this writing, the official music video of “LILAC” by IU garnered more than 31,211,403 views already. It also got more than 1.3 million likes and 66,743 comments. The clip was released on March 25, 2021, which means it took only one month and 13 days before the video achieved such as feat.

(Photo : IU Official Instagram Account)

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