Kindle 1.17 Mac

Why downgrade kindle for pc/mac to older version? As amazon has released its new Kindle for PC/MAC version 1.25, its DRM scheme is much tougher than ever before. Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 (or higher version) will be encrypted with the new kindle kfx DRM, namely Kindle KFX 2. Currently there is not any software around the world can remove DRM from Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 or even higher version. As every software is not perfect, we believe that we can find the direct way to crack kindle new kfx DRM sooner or later. For readers who are reading this article, we have provided the temporary solution to bypass the kindle kfx 2 which is downgrading kindle for PC/Mac to older version. With this workaround, you'll download old kindle kfx format ebooks and find many tools on the market to decrypt and convert kindle books.

But it still doesn’t work in some cases. Version 1.17 is recommended. The steps are similar for macOS users. Kindle 1.17 Install. What does Epubor Ultimate do? Remove DRM protection from Kindle books; Support Kindle for PC/Mac and different Kindle models; Support 13 input formats such as AZW, AZW3, KFX, EPUB, MOBI, etc. Any version of Kindle for PC distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. 1.29.58059 Jul 7th, 2020 1.28.57030 Feb 12th, 2020. The version I posted is 1.17.44183. The filehippo version you have posted is The hash info for this seems to be what's found on the forum when most people start researching getting the older version of Kindle for PC. The hash info for version.44183 in OP that I have found online matches.

But hey, this Amazon kindle software was free- sure glad I didn't buy a tablet and get stuck with a non-functioning product. UPDATE 2016 None of the older versions would run on the latest Mac OS so I tried to get a newer one. Searching for 'Kindle' got me Kindle for Windows and dozens of totally unrelated products but no Kindle for Mac. The version I posted is 1.17.44183. The filehippo version you have posted is The hash info for this seems to be what's found on the forum when most people start researching getting the older version of Kindle for PC. The hash info for version.44183 in OP that I have found online matches.

Notice: If you are on Mac Catalina 10.15 or Big Sur, downgrading kindle to 1.23 or older version will not work any more, but you still can remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina.


Method 1. Manually Downgrade Kindle for PC/MAC


Since the new kindle kfx DRM has been employed to kindle books from Kindle desktop version 1.25, we only need to downgrade Kindle App to version 1.24 or earlier. The latest kindle version before 1.25 for Kindle for PC 1.24 and kindle for Mac 1.23. In this part, I will walk you through how to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac to older version manually.

Kindle For Pc 1.17 Mac

Manually downgrade kindle for PC from 1.25 to 1.24.

1Run Kindle for PC. Go to the top menu bar, select “Tools”-->> “Options”.

2The option window will pop up. Select “Registration” at the left side and click on “Deregister”.

3In the popped up window, tick “ I understand….be removed from this device” and then click on “Deregister”.

4Uninstall Kindle for PC 1.25 and download Kindle for PC version 1.24.

5Install Kindle for PC 1.24 and then uncheck the Kindle automatically update option by clicking on 'Tools'-->>'Options'-->>'General'-->> uncheck “Automatically install updates when they are available without asking me.'

If the 'Software Update Available' notification pops up, please click on 'Skip this version' button. Then redownload the kindle books again via old kindle for PC/Mac.

The steps for downgrading Kindle for Mac is almost the same as downgrading Kindle for PC, but the older version for Kindle for Mac is 1.23. Referring detailed steps, please check how to downgrade Kindle for Mac to version 1.23.

Method 2. Automatically Downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac

If the above steps are a little bit complex for you, Epubor Ultimate can help you downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac to older version automatically. What’s more, it can remove Kindle KFX DRM as well. Below are detailed steps.

1Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

2Run Epubor Ultimate. Click the menu button at the top left corner to display the book library of this software.

3Click on “Kindle” tab, if you are using the Kindle for PC/MAC version higher than 1.24, there will be a notification to remind you to downgrade your Kindle version, see below picture.

Click the notification to open the window of downgrading the Kindle for PC and click on “Start” button to start the automatic downgrading process.

Once finished, the old version of kindle for PC(version1.24) will be installed successfully and restart automatically on your computer.

Also, click on “Yes” to accept the Kindle Terms of Use in the popped up window. The Kindle for PC version 1.24 has been successfully installed.

Just a few clicks, you can downgrade your Kindle for PC to older version. If you are using Mac, the steps are the same as on Windows, but the Kindle for Mac will be downgraded to version 1.23.

Note: If your MacOS has been updated to the MacOS10.15 Catalina, kindle for Mac 1.23 will no long work on your computer any more because it is the 32 bits application while the new MacOS 10.15 only supports 64 bits applications. But if you have a kindle e-ink device, here is the complete guide on How to Remove Kindle DRM on MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

Bonus tips--Remove kindle drm and convert kindle to any format

When the old version of Kindle desktop version has installed successfully, you can just register it and re-download your Kindle books.

Run Epubor Ultimate, then drag the Kindle books from the left bar to the right main interface, and all Kindle books will be decrypted successfully.

For converting kindle books, please choose the output format from central bottom button and click on “Convert to XX”.

Once finished, “succeeded” will appear at the end of each book title. Just click on the “Succeeded” or click on the “Output folder” at the bottom right to locate the converted files.

Since you have liberated your Kindle books, just enjoy it at any devices as you like.


These are two methods I want to share with you today for downgrading Kindle for PC/Mac. Compared with manually downgrading, automatic downgrading is much easier, especially for people who are not so good at computer operation. No matter which way you are using to downgrade Kindle application, the final goal you want to achieve is to remove Kindle DRM. Taking this into consideration, downgrading Kindle for PC/Mac automatically is your perfect choice because Epubor Ultimate cannot only help you downgrade Kindle application, but also remove Kindle DRM smoothly and easily. Why not give it a chance to help you now?

Iris Yan joined Epubor since 2017. She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey.

As the Amazon wants to build its own digital ecosystem, employing Kindle KFX DRM to all books becomes a trend. Since more and more Kindle eBooks have been encrypted with Kindle KFX DRM, Epubor Ultimate has been released as the first tool on the market to remove Kindle KFX DRM. To read Kindle KFX books on more reading apps or devices, we need to convert KFX format to other widely-used formats like EPUB and PDF format.

In this article, I am going to tell you 3 solutions on how to convert KFX books to DRM-free EPUB/AZW3/Mobi/PDF formats.

A video Guide

Descargar Kindle 1.17 Para Mac

Solution 1. Convert KFX Books Downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC

This is the most universal method, no matter you have a Kindle device or not. You just need a Kindle desktop reading app, and make sure you can read your books on your computer first.

First download Epubor Ultimate for Win/Mac to your computer.

Step1. Download the Kindle for PC/Mac to version 1.24/1.23

If you download eBooks via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 or higher, you will be failed to remove Kindle KFX DRM. Therefore, to convert the KFX books, you have to downgrade your Kindle for PC/MAC to version 1.24/1.23 or older version. (If you have already installed a higher version of Kindle desktop, you must downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac to an older version.)


If downgrading does not work for you, for example, (1) you are using the macOS 10.15 Catalina, (2) your Kindle desktop forced update to the latest version, you can try the following two methods to fix it. They do work for both Windows and Mac (including 10.15 Catalina) users.

1Disable KFX Support in Kindle for PC/Mac.

2Download &Transfer Kindle Books via USB.

Important Notice: Please stop the Kindle for PC/Mac automatically update manually. Go to Kindle desktop app-->>Tools-->Options--General--Uncheck the automatically install updates option.

Step2. Download Kindle KFX books via Kindle for PC/Mac

Run the Kindle for PC/Mac and sign in with your Amazon account. Then all your Kindle books will be synced to the library automatically. Right-click on the books to download them to your computer.

After the download has been finished, you will find they are saved as common AZW format, instead of the KFX file. The downloaded kindle books are usually saved here:

For Windows:C:Usersyour computer user nameDocumentsMy Kindle Content

For Mac:/Users/Mac user name/Library/Containers/ Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

Step3. Remove DRM from Kindle KFX books

Run Epubor Ultimate, usually if your downloaded books are saved in the default folder 'My Kindle Content', they will be automatically detected by this software. You can see them under the 'Kindle“ tab at the left column. A really user-friendly design. No need to find books everywhere manually.

Next, what we need to do is to just drag and drop Kindle books from the left side to the right blank zone. Then the DRM will be removed in a second with 'Decrypted' showing.

Step4. Convert KFX to EPUB/PDF/Mobi/AZW3

After we have removed Kindle DRM successfully, now we can convert the DRM-free books to EPUB/PDF/Mobi/AZW3. To convert the decrypted Kindle files to EPUB/PDF/Mobi/AZW3, just choose the format you want as the output format, then click 'Convert' button to start conversion.

When the conversion has been finished, you will see a 'Succeeded' on the right side of your added books . At the same time, a window will pop up showing all the converted files.

Solution 2. Convert KFX books Downloaded from Amazon Website

Besides Solution 1, there is another useful way to convert KFX books to EPUB/AZW3/Mobi/PDF.

Kindle 1.17 Mac

Step1. Download purchased books from Amazon website

Enter Amazon website, log in it with your Amazon account. Then hover over the 'Your Account' drop-down menu, select 'Manage Your Content and Devices', you can see all your Kindle content here. Just find the KFX books you have downloaded via Kindle device, then tap the button under 'Actions', click 'Download & transfer via USB'.

Then a following window will pop up, just select the Kindle to which you want to transfer the book. Then click 'Download' button to download the book to your computer.

You can see these downloaded files will be saved as AZW or AZW3 files, while we will get KFX file if we sync them via Kindle device.

After downloading, what we need to do is to connect our computer to Kindle via USB and transfer downloaded books from computer to Kindle's document folder.

Note: Downloaded AZW or AZW3 files can only be opened on the Kindle you have selected and are always protected by Kindle DRM, you cannot open them via Kindle for PC/Mac or other Kindle devices.

Step2. Remove Kindle DRM downloaded from Amazon Website

An interesting thing about Kindle books downloaded from Amazon website directly is that they are DRM free. Thus, there is no need to remove Kindle DRM. In case you have books downloaded from Amazon website directly protected by DRM, I will also show you how to remove DRM.

Download & run Epubor Ultimate.

Plugin the Kindle device which you select as the target device for downloading Kindle books in step 1.

Why need to plugin in the Kindle device? Because Epubor software have to detect your Kindle serial number for decrypting your Kindle books. This is the key step for removing Kindle DRM! Then drag & drop the Kindle books to the right blank zone and the books will be decrypted automatically.

Step3. Convert KFX to EPUB/PDF/Mobi/AZW3

This step is the same as step 4 mentioned in the Solution 1. So here I won't introduce it again.

Solution 3: Convert KFX Books Downloaded via Kindle e-ink Device

If you happen to have a Kindle device, you can directly tap the book title at the library to get your Kindle eBooks downloaded. If your Kindle firmware is higher than 5.6, the eBooks you downloaded possibly in Kindle KFX format. Wps office mac os. Here you can follow me to convert KFX books downloaded via Kindle e-ink device to epub/pdf/azw3/mobi.

Step 1. Download books to Kindle E-ink device

On Kindle there are some books are saved in 'Cloud', and others are saved on 'On Device'. So for successfully removing DRM it is necessary to make your books download to your Kindle device.

Step 2. Plug in your Kindle e-ink device to your computer with USB

Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect your Kindle e-ink device and show all downloaded books at the left column under your eReader tab. Just drag the books from the left to the right column and the books are decrypted automatically.

Step 3. Convert Kindle KFX to Epub/PDF/Mobi/azw3

For converting the KFX to epub/PDF/MOBI/AZW3, just follow the guide in step 4 mentioned in the Solution 1.
Failed to remove DRM from Paperwhite 4 (Firmware 5.10.2 and above)

After you connected your device to computer and found that you failed to remove DRM, like this,

The first solution you should do is, checking your Kindle firmware version. Amazon releases its latest software named firmware 5.10.2 and above, which makes it impossible for (both Epubor and Calibre) us to directly remove DRM from kindle devices.

If it's 5.10.2 and above, I will recommend you use Kindle for PC/Mac (older version than 1.25) to sync your books and then remove DRM, or download your Kindle books via 'Download & Transfer via USB'.

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