Kindle Mac M1


in this post i want to share my findings with a new Macbook Air with the new M1 Chip. I have bought it about 21 hours ago so my usage is limited.

  • Apple released its Mac mini, MacBook Air last month with the M1 chip, including a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple recently shared a list of popular apps optimized for Macs with the new M1 chip. “ Macs with the new Apple M1 chip offer unprecedented performance, and developers can optimize their apps for the M1 to deliver game-changing speed.
  • Send Books from Mac to Kindle via USB. When talking about transfering files to Kindle from Mac, the first method that comes to our mind would be using USB connection. Just connect your Kindle device to the Mac computer with the USB cable and it will be listed under the 'Devices' tab on the 'Finder'.

First impressions

First of all I love that it is totally silent. Coming from a 2015 Macbook Air finally having a Device that is no warmer than my hands no matter what I do is pretty awesome. The speakers honestly blew me away. Didn't expect that even the Macbook air was sounding that much better now. I don't know however when that changed. It is not like listening to proper speakers in your home but good enough for casually listening to music or a Podcast.

Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance Get more done with up to 20 hours of battery life, the longest ever in a Mac 8-core CPU delivers up to 2.8x faster performance to fly through workflows quicker than ever 8-core GPU with up to 5x faster graphics for graphics-intensive apps and games.


The Keyboard is nice to type on as well. It has nice travel and is not the most silent on the market. If you like it or not depends on personal preference.

How to stop startup chime on boot up. Asked 2 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 525 times. I am still on Catalina 10.15.7 and just did the latest security and Safari updates today. I would post the versions, but not sure where to look for them. Startup chime stopper.

Using it

After signing in I found that the performance is awesome however I did find some problems which are rather annoying and honestly I am thinking of returning the Macbook even with all the positives I just mentioned.

The problems

Volume at startup

When you turn on the Macbook there seems to be no way to change the volume of the chime. That thing is loud. Not a problem when you are living alone but using it while traveling if that is a good idea again, I wouldn't want my Macbook to scream through the train or plane. That screaming continues all through the login-screen. However you can, using VO plus the minus and equals keys change at least that. But you have to do that every single time you restart your Mac. So you better never do that at night.

Siri Voices

Another problem that I've encountered is that the Siri-voices are not adjustable in VoiceOver preferences. You can set them to 1 or to 100 percent speech rate. That will not change a single thing. Using other Voices is possible but as I said that is really annoying.

Kindle App Mac M1

New recovery mode

Kindle Mac M11

Using the new recovery options actually seems to work fine. However that ends when you attempt to format your drive. Entering that Option to do anything with your drive will crash VoiceOver which you only will get back once you closed that dialogue. A complete reinstallation of your Mac which purges everything on the drive is for that reason not independently possible.

Workaround to format your Mac

A Workaround is to use 'find my' on another device to delete the Mac. That way you can re-install the Mac OS but you shouldn't have to do such limbo to get that basic functionality.

Kindle Mac M1

Time zone during login is wrong

Another small thing is that the time in the login-window that is displayed is not the time that corresponds to my time zone.

Kindle For M1 Mac

Kindle for m1 mac

Final thoughts

So that basically is it. There is light and darkness and I am honestly wondering if no one really tried that stuff with VoiceOver over at apples. I am sure all of those problems can be fixed

One last note: I love to use Overcast on my macbook. That is really awesome and accessible. Basically you have the iPad App on your Mac which seems to work the same with VoiceOver. But I hope that the problems I found out about the last couple of hours will get fixed very soon!