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Complete LibreOffice 6.4 API reference. Java UNO Runtime Reference: Reference documentation of the Java UNO runtime API. C Reference: Reference documentation of the C UNO runtime and a set of C/C base and helper functions and classes to abstract from the system layer.

  • 'MyRecipes' is a working LibreOffice Base example project to manage kitchen recipes and produce grocery shopping lists. This database project is a complete working recipe maintenance sample. The tables are built and populated with sample data. There are forms for creating, editing and deleting records for recipes, food items.
  • Read Only Mirror fo Libreoffice-related git repos (see url for code submission) - LibreOffice.

Considering all the work that has gone into creating equivalent/superior and compatible software with Microsoft Office, I was wondering if LibreOffice also has a substitute for Microsoft Project? I've seen others use a spreadsheet to create gantt chart's to represent and track a project schedule, but this can be very cumbersome and challenging, and requires advanced familiarity with the spreadsheet software. Private internet access new servers. If there is no LibreOffice equivalent to Microsoft Project then I'd be interested in any other suggestions.

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