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Availability2010–unknown (likely discontinued)
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Paper Jamz was a collection of musicaltoys, produced by WowWee. Introduced in 2010, Paper Jamz were paper-thin musical toys, which included guitars, microphones, keytars, drum kits, and amplifiers. They were also marketed as 'Instant Rock Star' instruments.

Walmart display of Paper Jamz Instant Rock Star electronic musical toys


There were no physical buttons, knobs or keys used while playing the instruments. Instead, the battery-operated instruments featured a printed, touch-and-gesture enabled surface. The toy company produced Snoop Dogg themed guitars in 2011.[1]


Gibson Guitar Corporation filed a lawsuit November 18. 2010 in Federal court, the Central District of California, against WowWee USA and their Paper Jamz guitars charging trademark infringement.[2][3] The lawsuit claimed that the Paper Jamz guitars copied the looks of some of Gibson's famous guitars, the Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson Flying V, the Gibson Explorer, and the Gibson SG. On December 21, 2010 Gibson was granted a request for an injunction against WowWee and retailers in the United States which were selling Paper Jamz guitars: Walmart, Amazon, Big Lots stores, Kmart Corporation, Target Corporation, Toys 'R' Us, Walgreens, Brookstone, Best Buy, eBay,, and Home Shopping Network (HSN).[4][5][6]

Next, I created a desktop folder called Paper Jamz Songs to drop any mp3's into that will work on the guitar. I went through the list I'd written and checked our thousands of music titles. (I was actually kind of surprised that I didn't have some I thought I already had!

Free Paper Jamz Songs

The case was dismissed with prejudice (dismissed permanently) January 11, 2011 by Federal Judge R. Gary Klausner.[7][8] According to Gibson CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, WowWee later paid Gibson an undisclosed amount of money to license the likeness of Gibson guitars.[9]

Paper Jamz products continued manufacture into 2011 and then seem to have ceased production.

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AC/DC special edition comes with 1 Paper Jamz guitar 1 Quick Start guide 1 Paper Jamz guitar strap and 3 bonus AC/DC hits! Product information Item Weight 3.83 pounds ASIN B004HDZKY2 Item model number 6209 Manufacturer recommended age 8 years and up Batteries 3 AAA batteries required. Learn how to play a Paper Jamz Drums set! Rock out with ultra-thin and innovative Paper Jamz instruments! Each guitar and drum set comes with an internal s. Or chips to play more songs on one paper guitar. But it gave us a giggle to watch everyone try it out. It grew tedious in about an hour and hasnt been played since, so it's staying power isn't great. 4.0 out of 5 stars Paper Jamz guitar is a great guitar for my 5 year old!

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I mentioned in my recent for the Pro Series Microphone how Zoe has become our little music lover. Whether she is up dancing around our home, singing beautiful songs, or pretending to play a guitar, she is always enjoying music. So when our Paper Jamz Microphone arrived, she could not wait to sing, and trust me she has been singing a lot. The by WowWee is a small microphone with amplifier with pre-loaded songs which allow you to sing, like a pro. I wouldn’t go as far to say we sound pro, but it is a lot of fun. There are several effects from auto, perfect pitch, chorus, harmony and others.

Download 2014 for windows 8. To get started: • Click the NI Downloader link above.

Paper jamz free download - Paper Jamz Drums, 979 JAMZ, Fusion Jamz, and many more programs. You'll hear today's biggest Hip Hop jams and the hottest Top 40 songs all on one station. Download Free Music For Paper Jamz Songs - couponspid. PAPER JAMZ PRO SERIES. Paper Jamz Pro microphone lets anyone sound like a pop star! Download the free app to add your own music and sing along to your favorite songs. Download Free Music For Paper Jamz Songs - couponspid. Freestyle play with real drum sounds- Select your favorite Paper Jamz drum style to play on- Jam along to songs from your media library- Record your jam session and email it to friendsVisit www.

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The perfect pitch effect corrects your pitch so you are in tune with the song you are singing. Capture software mac. The chorus multiplies your voice while auto harmony makes it sound like you are part of a duo. You can then pick song 1, song 2 or song 3. Like I stated there are two songs pre-loaded which are not common songs, but the instruction manual does have the song lyrics. Zoe had a blast with these, but bugged me to download “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum since this is our favorite song to sing together. To download songs, there is a free Paper Jamz app which you can download, and drag and drop songs you have downloaded on your computer, once the app in installed. Just plug in the USB cable, add songs to the library, and drag the songs to the device.

We found out our song was too large, which many were, so they go into two song slots. That is okay though as it is simple enough to add songs. They do have compatible songs which can be found at the, so we tried a few of those, which work wonderful. I wish it allowed more than three songs at a time, but it doesn’t.

The microphone uses 4 “AA” batteries which are not included. There are three mic styles available, for boys and girls, so anyone can jam out to tunes. This has been a blast to have around our home. The kids love it and the best part? We do not care what we sound like. I have added songs for Gavyn, Chris, Zoe and I and away we go.

It is also a lot of fun if you have any of the Just Dance Games for the Wii, sing along while dancing; fun fun! Paper Jamz has many cool instruments from, drums, amps even a Justin Bieber keyboard guitar. Products are affordable, innovative and make awesome gifts for children and adults(shh). If your child is interested in playing an instrument but as a parent you are not ready to fork out the big bucks, this is the way to go.

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It gives them practice, and they are real! Highly recommend for hours of entertainment for the entire family. They make a great activity for family fun night which we do on Friday evenings. I have uploaded a song on Youtube for all to see. Please keep in mind and do not laugh as I cannot sing.

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I thought it would be fun to show you how I do not sound that bad lol. We had the song on perfect pitch for most of the song. To check out more on the Pro Series Microphone and other products Paper Jamz offer, visit and visit. Disclaimer: Although, we receive product to help facilitate our review, all opinions are 100% ours.