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  1. Transfer Dropbox To pCloud Using Upload And Download Most Dropbox users moving to pCloud move because they want large storage, which means they probably have music libraries, photos, videos, and such and not official documents. With that in mind, how many files would it take to fill a measly 2 GB storage in Dropbox?
  2. PCloud is one of the newer cloud storage options looking to make a push in this industry but they continue to bump up against comparisons to Dropbox. But why Dropbox vs pCloud? Maybe because Dropbox is the most popular and the most widely used cloud storage solution anywhere on the planet (at least in the consumer world, anyway).
Pcloud Dropbox

Here are the top five things to keep in mind when you are trying to transfer photos and videos from Dropbox to Box.

Download an application that’s easy to use

It would be quite easy to transfer from Dropbox to pCloud if you have an application like PicBackMan that is safe and easy to use.

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PCloud is the most secure encrypted cloud storage, where you can store your personal files or backup your PC or share your business documents with your team! With pCloud Transfer you can send large files to anyone, no registration needed! Send large files. Encrypt your Files. Disable Encryption Encrypt your Files. Send large files up to 5 GB Send up to 5 GB encrypted files It's 100% free, no registration required Up to 200MB per. PCloud vs Dropbox vs Google Drive. Here we’ll take a look at three of the most popular cloud storage platforms, namely: pCloud. PCloud creates a private virtual drive on your machine which you.

Look for apps that retain the file quality

When the images or videos move from Dropbox to pCloud, there should be no loss of quality. PicBackMan is the right application to choose in this regard.

Make sure that album names aren’t changed

You will find it hard to search for files in pCloud if their original names are changed. With PicBackMan, the original name of the files remains completely unchanged on transfer.

Connect Dropbox and pCloud accounts

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Use PicBackMan to migrate from Dropbox to pCloud in the fastest time. You will not have to supervise the transfer on the app to make sure that it’s effectively completed.

Check the metadata of the transferred files

The edits, captions, and keywords of the original file are kept intact when you use PicBackMan for transferring files between Dropbox and pCloud.

Speed. This is the one thing that matters the most when it comes to cloud storage solutions, and there’s a simple reason for that: the faster you download, upload and sync files in a cloud drive, the more it feels like an actual hard drive, albeit virtual. You wouldn’t want to wait five minutes for a little video in your cloud account to load so you can watch it, would you?

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Speed is also what sets pCloud apart from the competition. We are able to offer our users download and upload speed that is ostensibly higher.

How we do it? It’s simple (actually, it’s not simple at all and takes some great expertise to achieve that but it is simple for you – and that’s what matters).
First of all, we use a network of collocated proxy servers around the world. This way you upload your files to the server that is closest to you, and this influences the speed, at which you transfer data.
Then, we use a unique protocol to transfer your data. Our in-house development team figured out that the data transfer protocols the world uses haven’t really been changed in quite a while, and decided that it was time to create a new one. So this is what we did.

To test the new, incredibly high speed we achieve, we decided to upload the same file to Dropbox and pCloud. We picked a moderately large file, 1.12 GB, uploaded it to the two platforms, and timed the process. We also recorded it on video so you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch the speed test here and see for yourself:

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We didn’t pick Dropbox at random – a few weeks ago they announced that they will launch Project Infinite – a service that will essentially replicate what pCloud Drive does. Only, pCloud Drive does it much faster. And has been doing it for more than 2 years now, while Project Infinite is still just a project and Dropbox hasn’t announced when it’s launching the service.

Google Drive Vs Pcloud

We won’t lie to you – we’re really proud of ourselves, and nothing can wipe up the green from our faces. What’s even more rewarding, is the fact that we do that so you, our users, can never feel the difference between the files stored locally on your machines, and these you keep in pCloud.

You don’t have an account yet? Well go sign up then and get up to 20 GB free:

Disclaimer: The speed test in the video above has been conducted with a 500 mbit/s fiiber optic internet connection. The results may vary based on internet connection speed.

Idrive Vs Pcloud

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