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Expression used to refer to a number whose decimal notation is repeating. It includes rational numbers where the decimal expansion does not have 0 or 9 as a period.


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Periodic Number

The period of a number with a repeating decimal is noted with a horizontal line above the sequence of digits that repeats:
(dfrac{2}{13} = 0.153space846space153space846 … = 0.overline{153space846})

Periodic NumberNumber

Periodic Number For Aluminum


Periodic Number 13

  • The number (dfrac{3}{11}) is a periodic number where the period is 27, because: (dfrac{3}{11} = 0.272space727space272 … = 0.overline{27}).
  • The number (dfrac{2}{7}) is a periodic number where the period is 285 714, because: (dfrac{2}{7} = 0.285space714space285space714 … = 0.overline{285space714}).