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How do I disable TLS in the FileZilla FTP program?

If you are not sure about this option, simply leave it to Use plain FTP. The next option is the Logon Type you will be using. This is if you wish to login anonymously or use actual login information for your FTP user. Select the Normal as a Logon Type so you can enter your username and password. Enter the following details: User - Enter your.

  • On the TLS settings page check 'allow Explicit FTP over TLS.' It is recommended to also check 'Disallow plain unencrypted FTP' and 'Force PROT P to encrypt file transfers when using FTP over TLS'. This will further enforce encryption policies; here PROT 'P' is for 'Private' as opposed to 'C' for clear text.
  • Plain text authentication (Clear Text Session) will no longer work on our Linux servers. For the Linux users, we would suggest using FTP clients like FileZilla, CuteFTP to upload their web contents. Below mentioned are the instructions to upload files/folders using the FileZilla FTP client.
  • Follow below steps to configure TLS (FTPS) in FileZilla FTP Server and to use FileZilla FTP Client with TLS protection (FTPS) Step 1 - Open FileZilla Server administrator interface. Enter host IP address, port number for administrative interface and password (if available).

We occasionally hear reports of the FileZilla FTP program getting stuck with a message saying “initializing TLS”, or getting errors soon after connecting, like this:

If this happens, it’s usually caused by either an outdated version of FileZilla, or because the firewall or router on your computer has trouble with TLS (a form of encryption) for FTP connections.

First of all, make sure you’re using the latest version of FileZilla (or try another free FTP program like Cyberduck).

Also try enabling or disabling passive mode (that is, try switching it to the opposite of whatever it’s set to to start with).

If you still have trouble, the best way to avoid this problem and still keep your password secure is to use SFTP instead of normal FTP in FileZilla. SFTP should not have the same problem.

If you want or need to continue to use plain FTP for some reason, you can disable TLS encryption.

Disabling TLS may make it possible for eavesdroppers in a Wi-Fi cafe or similar environment to intercept your password. Using SFTP is a more secure solution.

Disabling TLS in FileZilla


Samsung kies mobile software update. To disable TLS encryption in FileZilla, you’ll need to add the site in the “Site Manager” (instead of using the QuickConnect method).

1. Open the Site Manager

Click the File menu and choose Site Manager.

2. Enter the new site settings

Enter these settings:
Protocol:FTP — File Transfer Protocol
Encryption:Only use plain FTP (insecure)
Logon Type:Normal
Password:your main account password

Plain Ftp Filezilla Software

When you’re finished, the screen should look like this:

3. Connect to the server

Plain Ftp Filezilla

Each time you want to connect to the server, simply open the Site Manager again and click Connect.

What’s the technical reason that FTP with TLS doesn’t work on some firewalls or routers?

FTP uses two connections to work properly. The first connection handles commands like “Send me file X” or “Show me the list of files in the Y directory”, and a second connection is then opened to actually send the file or directory listing.

Some firewalls and routers block the second connection by default, which would prevent FTP from working. To solve this problem, they examine the commands sent in the first connection to know when to allow the second one. But if you enable TLS/SSL for the first connection, the firewall can’t see the contents of it because of the encryption, and it doesn’t know that it should allow the second connection.

Disabling SSL/TLS fixes this because the firewall can see the contents of the first connection and properly allow the second connection.

Alternately, using SFTP fixes it a different way: Because SFTP only uses a single connection and doesn’t need a second connection at all, your firewall or router setup doesn’t matter.

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