R380 Gearbox

I was hoping to drop the engine into my pilgrim chassis whilst I have some time on my hands during this pandemic, but it looks like when I was hunting down a gearbox a couple of years ago I made an error; I purchased an R380 out of an LDV van hoping it would fit but now it has finally come to mating the engine and gearbox, I have discovered that the input shaft is fractionally (circa 15-20mm) too long. I looked at adding a spacer but this would also move the input splines the majority of the way out of the clutch plate, is there another option other than flogging this and spending a load more money on an alternative?
Thanks for any assistance.

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(The R380 gearbox is based on the LT77 SD1 box and was fitted to the later MG RV8). I don't know if my method for gearbox mounting would work on a LT77 gearbox. I removed the mounting plate from the R380 gearbox and found that the hole spacing for the mountings was about 4mm narrower than for the MGB mounts. Land Rover R380 suffix J gearbox overhaul Part 1 Disassembly As YouTube have moved the goals to become monetized, and I have a niche channel, funding is neve.

  • The R380 is a radically reworked LT77 (The 1940's Jag gearbox remember) with improved main shaft bearing arrangements that provided an overall strengthening of the box. The R380 name stands for 'Rated to 380 Nm input'. But the R380 still has the LT77's 77 mm shaft spacing.
  • Rover/Landrover Morgans used the LT77 and the R380 gearboxes. From 1977 to 2004 for the Plus 8s and from 1987 to 2000 for the Plus 4s. They were the 2-wheel drive versions and fit into the Morgans with the Sd1sedan bellhousing and its remote with gear stick. The stock gear stick was too long.



Reverse and 5th gear - Reassembly

1. Fit mainshaft reverse gear selectable washer,

bush and needle bearing.

2. Fit mainshaft reverse gear and synchromesh

baulk ring.

R380 gearbox oil

3. Fit layshaft reverse gear.
4. Assemble selector spool, selector fork and

reverse /5th gear synchromesh hub. Fit as one
assembly to mainshaft splines and selector
shaft. (Ensure synchromesh baulk ring locates
inside hub).

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5. Fit new circlip.

NOTE: The fit of the circlip is controlled by
the selectable washer behind the reverse
gear. Adjust to

0.005 - 0.055mm (0.0002 -


6. Fit 5th gear split needle bearing.
7. Fit 5th gear and 5th gear synchromesh baulk

ring to mainshaft, fit layshaft 5th gear.


Later gearboxes: Fit split washer to retain
layshaft 5th gear.

NOTE: Bevelled side of washer must face
towards gear.

9. Fit new mainshaft thrust collar roll pin. Locate

5th gear thrust segments and retaining ring.

10. Using LRT-37-023 to hold layshaft 5th gear,

tighten the layshaft 5th gear nut to 220 Nm.

11. Stake layshaft 5th gear nut.

R380 Gearbox Diagram