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Affinity graphic design. No other performance automatic transmission company offers the modifications and variations of the C4 more than Dynamic Racing Transmissions in North Branford CT. We have spend countless hours, year after year to refine and develop what has become the standard of the industry when it comes to the C4. Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing. Congratulations to Troy Russell, Wes Distefano and the entire Shameless Racing Crew on being crowned the 2020 PDRA Pro Outlaw 632 World Champions. Sweet 16 3.0: Congratulations to J.R.Gray taking home the win with a hole shot and 3.54 @207.18MPH in Radial Vs World. TH 400 Pro-built by Preformance Racing Transmissions. Street, Street/Strip or Competition. 4' tailshaft, 2.48, 1.48, 1.00 gears, 34 element sprag. Posted 2 days ago.

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The Powerglide transmission has found its way into many different applications other than GM vehicles. With the availability of various aftermarket bellhousings , it can now be mated to a myriad of different engines, and upgraded internals to allow the Glide to live behind almost unthinkable amounts of horsepower.

It has become the “go-to' transmission for many serious racers regardless of their chosen marque. For many non-GM racers it is the next evolutionary step up when they have surpassed the capabilities of their current set up.

Given the reliable service that DYNAMIC C4s give racers all the way to 8 second quarter mile times, it does not take much of an imagination to figure out just how bullet proof a Powerglide can be in the hands of those same skilled DYNAMIC builders!

Dynamic Racing builds one of the finest most durable Powerglides available. We can create a unit for almost any power level and also adapt them to fit non-GM applications.

We are also specialists in rebuilding the cast iron version of this transmission for restoration and racing purposes.

Powerglide Levels

Comp — rated to 1150 HP (300M Hardened Input; New Hub; Dual ring Servo; 8 Clutch Drum; 1.80 Gearset; Deep Al Pan; Hi-Flow pump; Fwd Shift Manual Valve Body)

Comp/Brake — rated to 1150 HP (300M Hardened Input; New Hub; Dual ring Servo; 8 Clutch Drum; 1.80 Gearset; Deep Al Pan; Hi-Flow pump; Brake Valve Body)

Pro-Tree II HP — rated to 1600 HP (NASA Hardened Input; New Hub; Dual ring Servo; 8 Clutch Drum; 1.80 Gearset; Deep Al Pan; Hi-Flow pump; Brake Valve Body)

Pro-Tree II MAX — rated to 1800 HP (Same features as the Pro-Tree II, plus SFI case)

Race Transmission Houston Tx

Race Transmission

Black MAX — rated to 2500 HP (Full SFI; Ringless NASA shaft; Pro-Mod 10-clutch drum; Dual ring servo; 1.80 Gearset; Brake valve body; Deep Al pan; Hi-Flow pump)

All Powerglides are listed as GM application. Options available for Ford and Mopar. Powerglides are

also available with optional gear ratios.

Race Transmission

Race Transmissions Michigan

DYNAMIC builds the very best racing automatic transmissions anywhere!

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Turbo 400 Drag Race Transmission

  • Performance Torque Converter, from 1650-2500 Stall
  • Universal Fillertube with updated Locking Dipstick
  • Updated Universal Fit Throttle Cable with metric bolt
  • Metric Linkage Nut
  • 2 Brass Coolant Line Fittings
  • Metric Torque Converter Bolts
  • Universal Transmission Mount with bolts
  • Speedometer Drive & Driven Gears
  • Speedometer Housing & Support Bracket
  • Speedometer Housing O-Ring
  • External Lock-Up Kit
  • Chrome Throttle Cable Bracket
  • Hayden Transmission Cooler Kit
  • Universal Dust Cover
  • Stock Depth Chrome Pan

This is the tranny you need if..

Manual Racing Transmissions

'I ordered your SS 4L65E with shift kit, a torque converter and trans fluid. It was some of the best service I've seen. Second gear was back it shifted firm and could finally handle the power I added to it. It was one of the best deals I have gotten in my 12 years of tuning and modding out vehicles. I only have 440 lbs/ft and about 400hp, and I’m just as fast off the line on blacktop as my buddys Sierra. It runs solid and grips an rips. I have a really solid truck with no weak spots now an I beat that thing constantly. This is the tranny you need if you like to abuse your vehicles.'