Ranunculus Pastel Mix

PastelRanunculus, Pastel Mix produce lovely, double blooms that look a lot like roses in shape. For this reason, they are great as cut flowers for formal displays or lively table decorations. There is a soft range of pastel colors in this mix including shades of pink, rose, white, soft yellow, cream, and even some bicolors. Ranunculus, originating from the Middle East, is also known as 'Persian Buttercups' and are wonderful for garden display. This popular cut flower is one of the most colorful of all spring flowering bulbs. The Ranunculus can be massed in blocks of single colors or mixed with perennials in colorful borders. In warm climates, they can be left in the ground and they can bloom for several years.

Tecolote Ranunculus Pastel Mix Bulbs For Sale Online We love this mix of heavenly pinks, rose, and white! A soft, beautiful ranunculus collection of colors that will have you falling in love. They're gorgeous in the garden, but possibly even prettier in a vase, so plant plenty so you have some to cut! Ranunculus Pastel Mix – Persian Buttercup bulbs give Mixed, Pink and White flowers in June to August and can be planted from January to December. These wholesale bulbs give plants of 10 - 40 cm tall and will grow in Partial sun to Full sun. This exclusive bulbs package contains detailed planting information. Black and white logo maker. They have a 250 corm minimum per variety, but they do offer mixes. This year we ordered Galilee 'white with black eye' anemone and Galilee 'pastel mix' anemone. For ranunculus, we ordered 'Le Belle Mix' and 'Amandine Mix', with Amandine having the ability to withstand warmer temperatures and therefore extending their flowering season.

Ranunculus romantic mix

Ranunculus Mache Pastel Mix

Planting ranunculus bulbs is a task that does not require much gardening skill and, because the blooms can be cut, it is a great way to showcase fresh flowers throughout the home or office. They are great for borders, beds and container plants. They begin to bloom in late spring through early summer and go for weeks; so can be very useful to fill the gap between seasons. Keep them well-watered and grow in a sunny, well-drained location. This is a spring planted corm.

Ranunculus Champagne Bulbs