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Raspbian Web Server

The next step is to create a configuration file for Apache Web Server. This requires the default ‘pi” user to be added to the “www-data” user group of your Linux (Raspbian) system. To check the user’s groups, execute the command “ id pi ” in terminal. This displays the list of user groups in which the user ‘pi’ is a member of. Set up Apache Web Server on a Raspberry Pi STEP-01: Install the OS. Hook up the keyboard and mouse to the Pi and connect it to an HDMI monitor. Copy NOOBS to a. STEP-02: Check the network address. Make a note of the ‘inet addr’ value for eth0. This will be the IP address of your. STEP-03: Update. Gist planning.

Raspberry Pi Php Server

If you have your Raspberry PI (2) A / B (+) with Raspbian and activated SSH ready, we can get started right away.For whom is this (web) server suitable?The Raspberry Pi is simply too slow to be a full-fledged server, which is relatively good with some restrictions.Step 1: Step 1First, let's goSudo apt-get updateandSudo apt-get upgradeAn upgrade and upgrade of the operating systemNow comes the actual installation.First, the Apache web server with PHP 5Sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5In the question 'Do you want to continue' simply press 'Y'.Sudo groupadd www-data andSudo usermod -g www-data www-dataSudo service apache2 restartNow we have installed the server. To test it, you simply have to enter the IP of the Raspberry into the browser's address line. There should be a website with the text 'It Works' or something.Sudo nano / etc / apache2 / sites-enabled / 000-defaultTo allow .htacces files. Search for 'AllowOverrideNone' and rewrite it in 'AllowOverride ALL'. Then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X to save Y and close the fileNow we start the server with sudo service apache2 restart restart.Step 2: Step 2 MySQL and FTPInstalling MySQLSudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysqlIn the question 'Do you want to continue' simply press 'Y'.You will be asked for your new MySQL password (just enter a new password) You must enter the same password for the second time.After a small wait, they have successfully installed MySQL.Installation from FTP server
Sudo chown -R pi / var / wwwSudo apt-get install vsftpdSudo nano /etc/vsftpd.confSearch for 'anonymous_enable = YES'# Local_enable = YES'#write_enable_YES'And replace them with:'Anonymous_enable = NO'Local_enable = YES'Write_enable = YES'And add it at the bottom: 'force_dot_files = YES'Sudo service vsftpd restartReboot the FTP server.For each connected via FTP, they must be Manual inThe directory / var / www.