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Using SSH config file for easily connecting to remote servers Step 1: Create the SSH config file When you install SSH, you’ll have a /.ssh directory created automatically. Step 2: Add an SSH profile in the config file Now that you have the SSH config file. You can also set the 'remote.SSH.configFile' property in your User settings.json file if you want to use a different config file than those listed. The extension takes care of the rest! For example, entering ssh -i /.ssh/idrsa-remote-ssh [email protected] in the input. The sshdconfig file is an ASCII text based file where the different configuration options of the SSH server are indicated and configured with keyword/argument pairs. Arguments that contain spaces are to be enclosed in double quotes ('). In the sshdconfig file the keywords are case-insensitive while arguments are case-sensitive.

Going forward, we will refer to this configuration file as “sshconfig” for clarity and simplicity. Transferring music from iphone to mac. Related: How to Enable Passwordless SSH Logins on Linux. Editing the sshconfig file. To edit the sshconfig file, open a Terminal window and edit the file with your preferred text editor.

When working on a development project in the tech field, you often interact with remote servers. I ofen used to face difficulties in moving files and connecting to remote servers on Windows or Mac OS then I came across Visual Studio Code Remote - SSH. In this post I will show you how to connect to a remote server using SSH with Vscode and move files easily between your local computer and the remote server.


From Vscode docs:

The Visual Studio Code Remote - SSH extension allows you to open a remote folder on any remote machine, virtual machine, or container with a running SSH server and take full advantage of VS Code’s feature set. Once connected to a server, you can interact with files and folders anywhere on the remote filesystem.

Source: Vscode docs.

I have created an instance on my univeristy’s (unimelb) cloud platform as illustrated in the figure below. I will be using the test instance for today where we will connect to the instance using vscode remote ssh. I have setup the instance with my public ssh key.

Note:You can use any cloud platform as the basics would be the same. You would need your public key on the remote server (under authorized keys)

SSH with Vscode

At this stage, I assume you have an instance you want to connect and your public key resides on the server gaining you acess to it. Now using vscode to connect to the server can be done in 3 simple steps as shown below.

Step 1: Install extension

You have to first install the vscode extension for remote-ssh. You can do so by search for ssh in the extensions and installing the extension as shown below.

Step 2: Add host to ssh config

Once the extension has been installed an icon will be pop up on the left side menu where you can establish a new connection to a remote server (host) as shown below.

Now click on add new host and enter the ssh command for connecting to the remote server and pointing to your ssh key. Choose the config file you want to add the host to.

Step 3: Connect to host

The remote server (host) should be added to the list. In order to connect you can right-click and choose from the options based on you preference.

Remote - Ssh Editing Configuration Files

Done! you can now connect your remote server and use its terminal in vscode.

Moving files

One of the great features of this extension is not requiring the use of another tool to move files between the remote server and your local machine.

Uploading files to remote server

Uploading files to remote servers can be easily done by simply dragging files to the vscode ui (under ssh) as shown below.

Downloading files from remote server

Downloading files from remote servers can be easily done too by simply right-clicking and choosing download from the vscode ui as shown below.

You can check out additional features from the docs (link here).

Happy remote coding!

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Please note that the Remote SSH: Editing Configuration Files (Nightly) vsix file v2021.4.27235 on VsixHub is archived from the Visual Studio Marketplace without any modification. You could choose a server to download the offline vsix extension file and install it.

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What Does The Extension Do >

Remote SSH: Editing Configuration Files (Nightly) is a free extension for VS Code published by Microsoft (ms-vscode-remote), you can install it to increase the power of your Visual Studio Code:

Edit SSH configuration files (Visual Studio Code Remote Development: Open any folder in WSL, in a Docker container, or on a remote machine using SSH and take advantage of VS Code's full feature set.) Learn more >

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How to Install Remote SSH: Editing Configuration Files (Nightly) From a VSIX >

You can easily install the Remote SSH: Editing Configuration Files (Nightly) extension packaged in the .vsix file:

Launch VS Code, use the Install from VSIX command in the Extensions view command drop-down, or the Extensions: Install from VSIX command in the Command Palette, and point to the .vsix file (i.e.

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Remote Ssh Config File Manager

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Remote Ssh Configuration File

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