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Second Life.. Guess almost everyone knows what it is. To the people that don't know, I simply make this comparison, that was the one I've heard when I first saw SL on tv: 'you know the game Sims? So, it's the same the. You have your avatar and you can do a lot of stuff in the game: work, play, dance, .. The only BIG difference is that all the other avatars that you find in the Sims are real people.' And they go like: ooooooooh nice! Gotta see that. So, it's a virtual game. We are virtual avatars, and there's a gigantic virtual world full with an enourmous number of virtual avatars. They are real people. Just like us. Just like me.

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People try to think of it as a game, where they can be whoever they want to. Where they can live the lives they never could in real life..and meet people from all over the world, people that they probably couldn't have met without this game. But SL has also much to do with virtual relationships. We have two options: we can meet someone and create a totally different version of ourselves. Why not? They will never gonna se who we really are. But we can also choose another way: to be what we really are. To be what we are so afraid to show in real life; however, in second life, we can. There isn't anyone looking at us; they will probably be, forever, virtual people for us. So we can set us free and show ourselves.. Without any fear of being mocked or criticized. If they begin to bug us, we simply close the chat, block them, and we'll never gonna speak to them again.
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So what can happen when we just show us like we are, and the people like us, just the way we are? And we have the same feeling for the other person, that we think that is exactly just like we've seen? We think. however, we can't be shure. Let's just think he/she really is. That he is just the man/woman of our dreams! Can we fall in love? For a person we never met and probably never will? Does virtual love exist?
I've been in SL for two years.. A pair of days after I began my adventure in this virtual world, I met a guy. A perfect guy.. I spoke with him for a hole night and the other day I was crazy for him.. And I just spoke with that virtual person! No voice, no cam. Just words. Since the first moment I imagined him as the most beautiful, romantic, honest, perfect guy I've ever met all my life. In the same moment I thought of that, I asked myself: 'Are you nuts?? You don't know him at all..' I didn't.
But time passed. We changed emails, we started talking on MSN, and after a couple of weeks came THE moment: we saw each other in fotos. I thought: 'damn, he's really gourgeous.. Not a model, not a greek god, but.. Just has I've imagined!' And then we started seeing each other, not so often in SL, but everyday with cam.. Four months passed; I was totally in love and totally crazy: how could I love someone wo I've never seen before in front of my eyes? We had kind of a relationship, a virtual one, and we constantly asked ourselves how the hell could it work out if we lived 2200 kilometers apart.. Until one day he told me that he wanted to see me. He caught a plain, rented a car, to drive for 8 hours to meet me and to be 24 hours with me.. So I could see that he loved me too. That day I thought: I'm not crazy. I felt in love with him, the real-him, without seeing, and he was exactly what I thought..He showed himself just like he was, with no lies. We were together 3 more times until summer 2008, when I left home and went to live with him for a hole summer. He was, and is, really the man of my dreams.. And I am the woman of his.. Right now we're not together, because I needed to finish a couple of things first. We try to see us everytime we can, but money doesn't help. Nevertheless.. We love each other, more and more.
In August this year I'm going to leave my country, my home, to go and live with him.. Because he's all I've ever wanted and the life we can build together is all I've ever dreamed of.. I found my real love in a game. Guess these are the new love stories of XXIth century.
Just wanted to share this, to show that love can happen, also in SL, that can pass to real life, and can turn out to be the best thing you ever had in all your life. Virtual avatars are also people. And can be exactly the one that you are searching for.
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Restrained Love

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The RLV enhances your experience when you use it in conjunction with RLV-compatible objects, that are very common around the SL grid now. It is primarily intended to be used by BDSM fans with BDSM oriented objects in-world, which are able to restrict the user from detaching items, receiving IMs, hearing chat, teleporting etc. It can also be useful for totally PG purposes, such as forcing to teleport somewhere (facilitating transport networks), changing the Windlight settings through scripts (helping sim owners), preventing from teleporting out of a maze, etc.

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This viewer was formerly known as 'Restrained Life Viewer', and changed name to 'Restrained Love Viewer' to comply with the TPV policy. It still stays broadly known as simply 'the RLV'.

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