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The CASE acronym refers to the polyurethane raw material market involving Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers. Given the diversity of customer uses, polyols for CASE applications are often borrowed from the other urethane areas, especially flexible foam and molded seating. To qualify as a CASE diol, triol, or tetrol, the polyol should have water content below 0.05% and a Na&K in the range of 10 ppm or below. Some customers choose to slightly acidify the polyols prior to prepolymer synthesis. These specifications originate from the stricter requirements of isocyanate prepolymer manufacturing and the associated shelf stability issues. Above 2000 MW, many CASE polyols have an ethylene oxide (EO)-cap, thus creating a primary hydroxyl group. The unhindered EO-cap facilitates faster reactivity and better step-wise addition of polyol during the reaction of a 2-component urethane system.

Sg430 Sligo It

CASE Polyols


ProductsNom. Func.OH No. (avg.)Nom. MW.Viscosity cps @ 25CInitiatorEO capAcid No. (max.)Na&K ppm (max.)MSDS
Pluracol P410R226540073diol glycolNone0.0110MSDS
Pluracol P710R2145700130diol glycolNone0.015MSDS
Pluracol P101021071000150diol glycolNone0.045MSDS
Pluracol 14772562000470diol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol P20102562000250diol glycolNone0.0355MSDS
Pluracol 1044 2294000790diol glycolNone0.015MSDS
Pluracol 1062 2294000850diol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 62822545001100diol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 1062 2294000850diol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 858 39351801360triol glycolNone0.015MSDS
Puracol TP4403413400600triol glycolNone0.0310MSDS
Pluracol GP430 3398400360triol glycolNone0.0515MSDS
Pluracol GP7303230700270triol glycolNone0.0310MSDS
Pluracol TP7403230700325triol glycolNone0.0410MSDS
Pluracol 1135i 31121500300triol glycolNone0.015MSDS
Pluracol TP2540 3652500400triol glycolNone0.047MSDS
Pluracol 1135i 3583000420triol glycolNone0.0155MSDS
Pluracol 17183583000560triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 1388 3563000503triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 13853503200565triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 59334636501340triol glycolYes0.052MSDS
Pluracol TPE 45423374500900triol glycolYes0.045MSDS
Pluracol 220 32760001300triol glycolYes0.068MSDS
Pluracol 38032565001400triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 1123 32470002580triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 5383354800875triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 816 3354800900triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 945 3354800900triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 2090 3285500950triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol 1026 32760001320triol glycolYes0.015MSDS
Pluracol PEP450 45554002000tetrol glycolNone0.0615MSDS
Pluracol PEP550 44505001600tetrol glycolNone0.0615MSDS
Pluracol 355 44505002700amineNoneMSDS

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