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Can You Watch Sky Go On Panasonic Smart Tv

Sky Go is not supported on any Smart TV platform currently, a list of supported devices can be found here. If your keen to watch SkyGo, your best bet is to use an one of the games consoles listed (if you already have one connected), there isnt any apps available to cast iPad content at this time to your TV, even Chrome Cast isnt supported. Apr 19, 2020 Take your Panasonic smart tv remote control and press on the Apps or Internet Button. After that, Select the Market option and search your app which you want to install on your tv from Panasonic app market store app list. Select your app and press on the install button.

Check below to see if your device is supported:

Set-top boxes and streaming devices
Select to see clever boxes, sticks and other devices that plug straight into your TV.

NOW Devices

  • NOW Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search
  • NOW Smart Box with Freeview
  • Black NOW Box

Panasonic 42 Smart Tv

Got a white NOW Box?

White NOW Boxes are no longer supported, so you won't be able to stream NOW or use any of the other apps on your device.

To continue enjoying your NOW Membership and access your apps on your big screen, why not Grab a NOW Smart Stick to plug straight into your TV?

Other set-top boxes and devices

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick: 2nd generation or later, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition
  • Apple TV: HD (4th gen) or 4K. Check here if you’re not sure which generation you have.
2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV are no longer supported. You can continue watching if you've already got the NOW app installed, but you'll need to create a NOW account to manage your membership. Find out more
  • Roku boxes and streaming players: All models
  • Chromecast
  • BT TV Box
  • YouView box.

Good to know Older YouView boxes that look like those below (model numbers DTR-T1000, DTR-T1010 and Talk Talk's DN370T box) are no longer supported.

Smart TVs
Select to see TVs that come with the NOW app already installed or available to download.


Selected Smart TV models

Keep in mindNOW hayu membership isn't available on any 2012 or 2013 models, plus some 2014, 2015 and 2016 models. The NOW app is no longer supported on LG NetCast TVs.


2015 models and later (see the Samsung info here for more details).

Keep in mindNOW isn't supported on the Samsung Serif range of TVs.


2016 models and later

Keep in mindOnly Sony Smart TVs running Android OS 8.0 or later are supported.


All Roku TV models

Sky Go App Panasonic Smart Tv Download


Fire TV edition HD/FHD (2020): LT-32CF600, LT-40CF700, LT-43CF700 models

Not supported at the moment: Panasonic or Toshiba Smart TVs

Tablets and smartphones
Select to see which mobile devices you can download the NOW app on.



Apple iOS

  • iPhone: 5S and later
  • iPad: 5th generation or later, plus iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or later
  • iPod Touch: 6th generation or later.

All devices with iOS 11 or later are supported.

Sky Go App Panasonic Smart Tv

iOS 9 & 10 are no longer supported

The NOW app no longer supports iOS 9 or 10. If your iOS device is running on 9 or 10, you'll still be able to watch for as long as the app works for you, but you won't receive any updates like new features and bug fixes.

If your device supports later iOS versions, we recommend you update to 11 or later.

Keep in mindYou can't use AirPlay to stream or mirror NOW from any iOS device.


Find out how to watch on a Windows tablet.

Not supported at the moment: Windows smartphones, Kindle Fire HD

Laptops and computers
Select to find out how to watch NOW on your PC or Mac.

You can stream NOW on your Windows PC or a Mac by downloading the NOW Player.


Follow these steps to get the NOW Player on a Windows PC or laptop.

Keep in mindYou can no longer stream via the Windows 8/10 app – you'll need to download the Player to watch.


Follow theses steps to get the NOW Player on a Mac.

Not supported at the moment: Chromebook

Games consoles
Select to see which games consoles the NOW app is available on.

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  • Xbox One

    Keep in mindThe NOW app might not work if you're taking part in the Xbox One Update Preview.

  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5.

Not supported at the moment: Nintendo Wii

App Sky Go Su Smart Tv Panasonic

Got a NOW Sports Mobile Membership?

You can only stream your mobile membership on supported iOS or Android smartphones.

Can I stream NOW on my Sky box?

You won’t be able to stream NOW on your Sky box.

If you want to stream movies, shows and sport on your big screen, why not check out our NOW Smart Stick?

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