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So sky put 59 episodes of the wire on TV box sets on 1st november and set the expiry and the delete from your planner date as 30th November. That's 2 every night. Your role, as Sky Wire operator, is to use all the skill you can protect the tiny pixel people from the crazy mechanical menagerie as you operate the out of control cable car around the perilous courses. It’s tempting to go as fast as possible but speed is often your enemy. Always be cautious and plan ahead.

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SkyWire offers the fastest speeds on the cleanest and most up to date network available. Better internet is here. We offer speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps (or greater, if needed). FTTH (Fiber To The Home), gigabit, and high speed service is now available in select areas. If you just moved into a SkyWire serviced property, click below to get started.

Property Services

SkyWire offers a variety of internet and TV services for MDU buildings, office buildings, large shopping centers, and more. If you are in need of connectivity or video services for multiple tenants, we have your back.

Play Skywire 2 - Take control of the cable car and get the passengers to their destination safely. SkyJump Las Vegas is a 'controlled free fall,' with riders on a vertical zip line diving from the 108th floor of the tower.

Business Internet

SkyWire knows your business will benefit from scalable, dedicated bandwidth to fit any application. We can also unify your business through a secure, private network - connecting remote locations with ease. Lastly, we can provide connectivity services for venue events and on the job site during construction.


The process of bringing SkyWire services to your MDU building is simple. After you've reached out showing interest, we will perform a site survey of the property. We then provide a thorough estimate based on which an agreement is reached. Depending on the stage of your project, service is generally installed 60 - 90 days after the signing of the contract. Voilà! The best internet, TV, and VOIP services delivered.

High wire strewn through city lets Jews keep the faith. Rabbi Adam Mintz looks on at the high wire in the sky that helps the Orthodox Jewish community to go about their routines during Sabbath.

Why Choose SkyWire?

Design & Manage

SkyWire will design your network, run any wiring, and deploy appropriate hardware for your property. About nordvpn. Since we engineered, installed, and configured it, we are able to manage your network with ease.

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Rocket Speeds

SkyWire proudly offers internet speeds up to Gigabit (1000Mbps). We expertly combine high speed connections with low latency paths to key sites services so our network is crazy snappy for end users.

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Local Support

All of our service technicians live locally and are friendly as can be. Not only will you be able to understand their accents, we've also removed all the geek speak from our support conversations (unless you want it)!

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Short Lead Time

The SkyWire network is a hybrid of lightning fast fiber and building to building fixed wireless connections. This flexibility allows us to bring service to your building much faster than other providers.

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With thousands of subscribers, SkyWire's network handles the traffic like a boss. Utilizing high quality equipment, redundant, secure, and intelligent network design, the SkyWire network is both reliable and consistent. Along with open peering policies, our network offers the fastest routes to all of the places you want to go.

Talks on a trade deal with the EU may drag on into next week, with not long left until the full effects of Brexit are felt.

Both sides had said an agreement needed to be struck by mid-October to give enough time for the treaty to be ratified and implemented, but stalemate remains.

Brexit happened on 31 January, but for the rest of 2020 the UK signed up to a 'transition period', meaning things like freedom of movement and customs arrangements remained the same.

That was designed to ensure minimal disruption while negotiators tried to hammer out a trade deal to replace the existing arrangements and avoid a no-deal scenario.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is still in London for discussions, after they stretched late into the night on Sunday.


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'There are reasons for determination,' was his short message to reporters as talks commenced again on Monday.

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But German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said with time running out, some EU countries are growing impatient.

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'We hope that the negotiations will have a good end,' she said. 'We don't need a deal at any price and we have made this clear.. A deal is in everyone's interest.'

The remaining disagreements are thought to be on fishing and state aid.


Speaking on Sky News on Monday, Environment Secretary George Eustice said 'we really are now running out of time'.

'I know we have been saying that for some weeks,' he admitted. 'This is the crucial week we need to get a breakthrough.

'I really do think we are now in the sort of, final week, or 10 days.

'Of course if great progress were made this week and you were nearly there it is always possible to extend those negotiations.'