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Sky Go on FireStick provides popular sports channels such as Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports 5, Eurosport, and more. It also has a separate set of Kids channels that includes Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoonito, and more.

  1. Along with Sky coming to the Fire TV Stick, Amazon is also launching its Prime Video app on Sky Q. “We’re pleased to be bringing our Prime Video app to Sky Q and NOW TV devices in time for the holidays,” said Jay Marine, Vice President, Prime Video Worldwide.
  2. Following up the Fire TV Stick 4k was Amazon’s release of the Fire TV Stick 3rd Gen and the Fire TV Stick Lite in the fall of 2020. These “cheaper” alternatives provide all the streaming capabilities of the Firestick 4k with a smaller price tag. However, both are missing various features such as 4k capabilities and power and volume control.
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Amazon and Sky have agreed a new partnership to host each other's video apps on their rival streaming devices in time for Christmas.


The deal means customers in the UK and Ireland can watch content from across both platforms in one place for the first time over the festive period.

From today, Amazon Prime Video, the US tech giant's streaming service, can be accessed via Sky's internet streaming box Now TV and its set-top box Sky Q.

Meanwhile, the Now TV streaming service is available on Amazon's range of Fire TV set-top boxes and plug-in sticks.

© Provided by Daily Mail Amazon Prime Video app launches on Sky Q, Sky Ticket and NOW TV devices from December 14.

The deal means users in the UK will be able to watch every live Premier League football game on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC and Amazon Prime without switching devices for the first time.

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Rights to broadcast Premier League football are currently split between Amazon Prime, Sky Sports, BT Sport and the BBC.

Meanwhile, Sky customers will be able to enjoy Amazon exclusives like The Grand Tour, featuring the old team from BBC's Top Gear, and the Borat sequel, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

'We’re pleased to be bringing our Prime Video app to Sky Q and Now TV devices in time for the holidays,' said Jay Marine, Vice President, Prime Video Worldwide.

'With winter settling in, and our new binge-watch obsession The Wilds about to launch, it’s a perfect time for Sky customers to catch up on our award-winning Prime Video TV shows, movies, and live sport, including Prime Video’s exclusive live broadcasts of 20 English Premier League games this December.

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'Plus, with NOW TV launching on Fire TV, customers in the UK have never had it better when it comes to choosing what to watch, however they are watching.'

Amazon Prime is also coming to Sky's various products on the continent – Sky Ticket, which is similar to Now TV, in Germany, and Sky X in Austria.

Video: Disney forecasts 230-260 million streaming subscribers by 2024 (CNBC)

Disney forecasts 230-260 million streaming subscribers by 2024

Amazon Prime shows and films will be recommended on the Sky Q homepage, alongside Sky Originals and content from Netflix, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.

Users can find Prime Video on Sky Q by saying ‘Launch Prime Video’ into a voice remote, then signing in to pair a Sky Q box with an existing Amazon account.

© Provided by Daily Mail Sky Q set-top box. Sky Q differs from Now TV, Sky's Netflix-style service. Now TV subscribers can stream content to watch through the Now TV app, available on over 60 devices including the Now TV Smart Stick

'Sky Q customers are receiving an early Christmas present on their boxes this year in the form of Amazon Prime Video,' said Stephen van Rooyen, executive vice president and CEO for Sky UK and Europe.

'Anyone who needs to get stuck into something new after The Undoing on Sky Atlantic will now be able to flip right over to The Boys on Prime Video, without ever leaving Sky Q.

'Amazon Prime Video TV shows, movies and more will sit alongside Sky Originals and Netflix, as well as apps like Disney+, BBC iPlayer, FiiT and much more.

'This will make it even easier for you to access everything you love, in one place.'

In the UK, Italy and Ireland the Prime Video app also launches on Now TV's range of devices, as well as Sky Ticket devices in Germany.

Although both Sky products, Sky Q and Now TV differ.

Now TV Sky's no contract Netflix-style service, requires and internet connection, while Sky Q, Sky's satellite subscription-based television and entertainment service, requires a set-top box and satellite connection.

Now TV also offers a set-top box and a Now TV Smart Stick – a portable device that plugs straight into the HDMI port of a TV.

© Provided by Daily Mail Amazon Prime Video launches on Sky Q in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Germany today. Prime also launches on Now TV devices in the UK, Ireland and Italy, while Germany gets Prime on Sky Ticket - its equivalent to Now TV

Now TV is launching on Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite (1st Gen) Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen) Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K in the UK.

The Now TV app will also be rolling out on select Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs to customers in, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland through early 2021.

Sky Ticket also rolling out on Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs in Germany through the first part of 2021.

'It just got even easier for customers to enjoy the best entertainment on Fire TV devices,' said Emma Gilmartin, head of Fire TV in Europe.

'With the launch of Now TV on our Fire TV Devices, we're excited to bring the most talked-about and award-winning TV series, films and sport all in the easy and intuitive Fire TV experience.'

Sky said there'll be more integration into Sky Q voice and search next year to provide 'a seamless UI experience', helping customers access content quickly and easily with their voice.

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Tired of watching the same content again and again on your Fire TV Stick? and now want to try something new that can help to watch the latest and fresh content? Then make sure to download and install Now TV on Firestick which is the most downloaded and used IPTV service throughout the world.

There are various other services are already available but the reason why this became famous is it doesn’t have any contract. You can use it just like we use Netflix, just purchase the premium membership monthly and watch until it ends.

So, if that package expires you can easily buy renew it, or just leave it with no extra cost, even though those who want to try it can use their free trial version.

It comes with three different packages like Now TV entertainment, Sky Cinema NowTV, & Sky Sports Live TV. Each pass can cost a different amount of money like the Entertainment Pass can cost around £8.99 while Cinema Package costs £11.99 and SkySports will cost you £9.99. Both of the passes come with a free trial except for Sky Sports which you have to purchase its plan for streaming.

Can You Get Now TV on Amazon Fire Stick

In case you are using a subscription then you probably want to have a question in mind about can you get Now TV on Amazon Fire Stick? Well, the answer is simple, Yes you can get Now TV on Amazon Fire Stick as they have officially announced the version of this app for Amazon devices.

However, the problem is you cannot download this from the App Store yet as it is new and is not available for many devices yet. In this way, we can get it simply by using the sideloading method. This is a simple method which only takes around 2 minutes to get any app that is not available on the Store.

Despite this, you can use the same method to sideload Now TV on your device if you are outside the UK and couldn’t access this app. As it is geo-restricted and can only be downloaded from the UK IP address that means no matter if your device is supported if you are outside UK then you won’t be able to get the app.

This is the reason why we choose to sideload it instead of downloading from the Amazon Store. Since many people were complaining that it shows incompatible version and fortunately this issue is fixed as well. Just make sure to follow all the steps that you are provided in this guide to get the working app for you.

How To Install Now TV on Firestick

So as I mentioned in the above section that you can get Now TV on Firestick but using the sideloading process. As if you are an old user of this device then you probably know about this term. But for those who are don’t know about it so basically it is a process that is used to install apps outside the app store.

However, for this, we simply need to enable the apps from Unknown Source on our device. It is because by default Amazon restricts users from installing app except for App Store. But luckily we can still enable it within a few seconds and then we will be able to get Now TV on Fire TV.

So let’s follow these quick steps to enable apps from an unknown source:

  • First press and hold the Home button for a few seconds and select Settings.
  • From there move forward and then open My Fire TV.
  • After this scroll down and then go to the Developer Options.
  • At this time hover to the Apps from Unknown Source and press the Select button.
  • A warning message will appear on your screen just ignore it and select TurnOn.

Now we have enabled the apps from Unknown Sources successfully that means we are now ready to sideload this app. Although if you don’t understand the step properly and want to learn the whole process then check this guide: Enable Apps From Unknown Source

After completing the above section we now need to install an app known as the Downloader. This app is available for free which works as a Download Manager to grab apps from the internet. It is simple and easy to use because the most loved app ES File Explorer just became premium and that’s why we would use this instead.

So here are the steps you can follow to install downloader and sideload Now TV on Firestick:

Boot Fire TV and then from the Home Screen hover to the above menu and then select the Search icon.

From here you will see a keyboard there so using this type Downloader and then select the first suggestion from below.

At this time you simply need to click on the Download (You own it) button to install the app.

Just wait for a while until the app is installed and when it completes just click on the Open to launch it.

Once the downloader app is launched you will see a notification ask for permission to access Media, Files and Photos so simply select Allow. From the next screen, a notification will appear with a Quick Tour Guide just ignore this and press Got it to dismiss.

Here you will see the Home Screen of the downloader and after this hover to the small box and press the Select button.

It will then open the keyboard there then using this type and then hit the Go button.

Now the app will start downloading and you will see the Download Status on your screen so wait until it completes.

Once the app is downloaded you will then see an installation window appears there now select Install from the bottom.

The installation will take only a few seconds and once completes select Done instead of Open.

At this time a Downloader app will appear having a Status box with three options so now select Delete from there.

You will then asked for the confirmation so again click Delete button to remove the apk file.

Now TV is installed on Firestick while the backup file is removed and make sure to always remove these files after sideloading any application. It is because these files are useless and we don’t need them anymore, they just occupy space on our device and when the disk is full you may face overheating, buffering or different apps.

However, since the app is installed you may not see the app icon on your Home Screen. It is because newly downloaded apps moved at the bottom of app list and that’s why you can’t see them.

But we can simply launch Now TV by going to the Your Apps & Channels and then select See All. Or either press and hold the Home button for a while and then select the Apps from the screen.

From here you will see all the installed applications are there, now scroll down to the bottom and then you will see NowTV icon there. You can launch the app by just highlighting the app icon and then press the Select button and here you will see the app is working fine without any issue.

Get Now TV on Firestick using ES File Explorer

How To Get Sky Sports App On Amazon Fire Stick

Many people have a complaint to me about the Downloader method is not working, or some of them facing a server down the issue. For this, I have this new method in which we use the most famous file manager named ES File Explorer. People use it as an alternative File Manager but it is more than this.

It can help a user to download files from FTP and can be used as a Download Manager, we can also share files between Windows & Android. Even though this file manager also offers the Hidden Files feature as well as the Root explorer so we can access system files but for the Rooted device only.

Ok, so enough intro let’s dig down the below steps to see how we can use it to download Now TV:

  • Go to Home Screen and hover to the above menu and click Search.
  • Now type ES File Explorer in the search box and hit enter.
  • Click the first result you see there and then select Get.
  • The File Manager will start downloading and then click on Open when downloads complete.
  • After launching click on the 3-row menu and then click Favourite.
  • From there click on Add button.
  • A box will appear so type in the path section and type Now TV in the name section and click on Add.
  • After this again go to the 3 dot menu and then expand the favourite section, at this time click on Now TV (that we added).
  • This will then start connecting to the server and within a seconds file will start downloading automatically.
  • After the file is downloaded now it will open the installation Window from there click Install.
  • When the installation is done just click Open to launch it and here you can see the app is working fine.

Everything is done now you can simply sign in with your user credentials to start watching all your content directly on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After following the above guide you successfully installed Now TV on Firestick but some of you might still have questions. For this, you should read this faq list that I have collected from various forums and blogs that can help to find a relevant answer.

How Do I Download Now TV to My Firestick?

Now TV isn’t available on the Amazon Store directly so for this we have to download using a third-party source. There are two different ways to download Now TV which is using Downloader and using the ES File Explorer. If you want to download it just follow the above guides.

Can I Get Now TV on Amazon Fire Tablet?

Now TV isn’t available for the Amazon Fire Tablet till now however they are trying to build a separate app for Fire Tablet and Fire Phones. However, you can also try to use any third-party app to download and use it but there is no guarantee that it will work. Till now it is working for Fire TV Box, Firestick, Firestick 4K, and Fire TV cube with no issue at all.

Is Now TV Free?

Free Sports Fire Stick

No, Now TV is a monthly subscription-based IPTV service similar to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. This app doesn’t have any contract so you can cancel a subscription at any time. To use it for free you will get 7 days of free trial after the trial ends they automatically renew the package for £9.99.


Watching the same movies, again and again, is kind of a boring thing as we cannot get any fresh content. However, after using Now TV on Firestick you will get hundreds of Live TV channels and thousands of movies ready to watch. It doesn’t require any antenna connection or any other thing as it works completely without cable.

This has various packages for every different entertainment lovers so you can choose between three packages. All packages are quite affordable and the service is way better than SkyGo etc. They don’t offer video-on-demand features but they keep updating the TV shows and movies list.

If you find this article helpful don’t forget to share it with others so they can also install Now TV on their FireTV Stick. In case you are having an issue at any step don’t forget to ask me in the comment section I would love to guide you and help you to solve that problem.