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Sonny Singh, BitPay CCO, has stated that he is completely optimist and bullish about bitcoin. For the next year, he thinks that bitcoin can reach $15K-$20K between Q1 and Q2. Even in the bear market, he maintains that bitcoin is indeed the future. He says that bitcoin prices are not so important. What is important is what happens behind the scenes.

Bitpay CCO, Sonny Singh, Bullish About Bitcoin

  1. Bitpay Sonny Singh BTC Will Reach Over K These past few weeks have been a major disappointment for those who follow and invest in the cryptocurrency space. BTC and ETH have experienced some of the worst losses, the latter falling below K. The good news is.
  2. The Chief Commercial Officer (COO) of global crypto payment processor BitPay has ventured that Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $15,000 to $20,000 by the end of 2019. The COO, Sonny Singh, made his forecast.

Sonny Singh, BitPay CCO, has expressed his views about bitcoin amidst this bear market. In an interview on Bloomberg today, he has said that bitcoin could reach even $20K the next year. He declared that:

Sonny Singh Bitpay

“I don’t think that the price will move up or down until there is some new direction, and that would mean Fidelity launching their product, or BAKKT launching their products, or Blackrock launching an ETF. I don’t think there is some market catalyst moving (the price) either way.”

So he effectively thinks that the market will move sideways for this year. It is highly unlikely that a company would launch a financial product during the holidays. As a matter of a fact, Bakkt postponed its launch till next January.
BitPay CCO Sonny Singh also thinks that bitcoin is not a fraud and that the next year could be the year of the bitcoin legalization. Companies like Fidelity launching new financial products, Bakkt’s future contracts, and the Coinbase IPO are a testament to that.


Sonny singh bitpay net worth

Not Quite Sure About Altcoins

Despite this all excitement about bitcoin, Sonny is not really interested in altcoins. He stated that:

“Bitcoin is the 100-pound gorilla, the one that has the mass network effect. The other ones i don’t know what’s gonna happen to them”

Sonny Singh Bitpay Net Worth

About the ICO market, he thinks it is currently dead due to the action of the SEC. ICOs have been largely criticized as a form of raising money without having to go through an IPO, a costly and long traditional way for companies to go public and raise funds.

What Is There For Next Thanksgiving

Bitpay CCO Sonny Singh thinks that the panorama for next Thanksgiving will be completely different. he stated that:

“I think that by next year we will see an ETF launched by a regular Blackrock type company, a Fidelity product fighting the BitPays and Coinbases of the world. It should be exciting.”

To close his statement, he said that BitPay is still holding its ground processing more than one billion dollars in payments because people around the world still see bitcoin as a way of moving money through borders.

Sonny Singh Bitpay

Sonny is one of the leading Crypto and FinTech executives in Silicon Valley and is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at BitPay. BitPay is the largest processor of bitcoin in the world and has raised over $70M in funding from top investors like Founders Fund, Richard Branson, and Index Ventures. Sonny joined BitPay over 6 years ago and has been instrumental in making crypto mainstream by getting global brands like Microsoft and AT&T to accept payments in crypto. Previously, Sonny was the part of the founding team at Jumio, which has raised over $40M from Andreessen Horowitz, and Citibank. Sonny has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the world and is often a guest interview on Bloomberg and CNBC and a guest writer for TechCrunch. He is a Venture Advisor for Lumia Capital and Luminous Ventures is also an angel investor in several companies including TubeMogul (IPO), Estate Assist (acquired by DocuSign), Getaround, Extend, KarmaCheck and Civic Technologies (one of the first ICOs). Sonny has an MBA from Thunderbird, and is a graduate of Binghamton University (NY) where he played collegiate tennis.