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Sophos's OTP function is RFC compliant. Sophos recommends you use the Sophos Authenticator App or other RFC compliant authenticators in place of the Google Authenticator. Important: When using Google Authenticator for Android devices, the only supported timestep is 30 sec. Download the Free Android Antivirus and Malware Tool from Sophos, the Leader in Android Security for Business. Sophos Authenticator is based on Google Authenticator and can be used. Access Denied error message when managing Cloud using Sophos Central Partner Sign up to the Sophos Support Notification Service to get the latest product release information and critical issues. Previous article ID: 122893. Google Authenticator at App Store downloads and cost estimates and app analyse. To start Authenticator, touch and hold the Sophos icon and then tap Authenticator.

Github openssh. Two-factor authentication ensures that only users with trusted devices can log on. To provide two-factor authentication, you configure the OTP service. Then, end-users scan tokens and obtain passcodes using Sophos Authenticator.

SophosSophos authenticator download


When you complete this unit, you’ll know how to do the following:
  • Turn on the OTP service and specify settings.
  • Scan tokens and obtain passcodes using Sophos Authenticator on the client.

Specify OTP service settings

First, you turn on the OTP service. Then, to maximize the protection this type of authentication offers, you require all users to use it. You also specify the features for which two-factor authentication is required.

Sophos Authenticator Windows 10

The following steps are executed on the firewall.

Sophos Authenticator Download

  1. Go to Authentication > One-time password and click Settings.
  2. Specify settings.
    One-time password
    OTP for all usersOn
    Auto-create OTP tokens for usersOn
  3. Enable OTP for WebAdmin and User portal.
  4. Click Apply.