Sophos Openvpn

This error is more common on macOS.This error applies to IPsec VPN connections only.

  • 1) Close all active VPN tunnels 2) Download and install the TAP driver above or from OpenVPN. 3) Right-click on this file: C: Program Files (x86) Sophos Sophos SSL VPN Client bin openvpn-gui.exe and choose properties - compatibility – run as administrator - Press OK 4) Reboot PC and try again.
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When a tunnel disconnect is initiated, the strongSwan IPsec daemon gets stuck in an infinite loop. This results in the GUI not getting a response for disconnect, then time out and show the error as 'Service Unavailable.'


Set up Sophos SSL VPN Client. After installing the client, a small traffic light icon will show in the bottom right of the task bar. Right-click on it and select Connect. Enter your username and password and confirm by clicking ok. Check VPN connection. With correct login.

  • On macOS, do as follows:
    1. Open the Activity Monitor and quit the Sophos Connect GUI process.
    2. Open the Terminal and run the following commands: sudo /bin/launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sophos.connect.scvpn.plist then sudo /bin/launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sophos.connect.scvpn.plist
    3. Open Sophos Connect and check that the 'Service unavailable' error is resolved.
  • On Windows, do as follows:
    1. Open cmd as administrator then run the following commands: net stop scvpnnet start scvpn
    2. Open Sophos Connect and check that the 'Service unavailable' error is now resolved.

Sophos Openvpn Ubuntu


Sophos SSL VPN is connected. The connection status shows green. However traffic flow doesn’t appear to occur.

User is Local Administrator right.

Sophos openvpn setup

SSL VPN Client: Astaro SSL client 1.7 / Sophos SSL Client 2.x / Other OpenVPN client

Windows XP/7/8/2012

Error log

Sophos Vpn Ssl Client Download

This problem is seen at OpenVPN client. It happens very often that the TUN/TAP adapter is not started and OpenVPN is unable to setup IPs and routes.

You have to set your Tap Adapter to “always connected”

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To do this do the following steps:

  1. Go into device manager
  2. Find your Tap Adapter
  3. Right click
  4. Select “Propterties”
  5. Select “Advanced Media Status”
  6. Set it to “Always Connected”
  7. Click Ok
  8. Restart computer.

Successfully used this on both Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

See more at OpenVPN community, ticket 316.

About Sophos SSL VPN

The remote access SSL feature of Sophos UTM is realized by OpenVPN, a full-featured SSL VPN solution. It provides the ability to create point-to-point encrypted tunnels between remote employees and your company, requiring both SSL certificates and a username/password combination for authentication to enable access to internal resources. In addition, it offers a secure User Portal, which can be accessed by each authorized user to download a customized SSL VPN client software bundle. This bundle includes a free SL VPN client, SSL certificates and a configuration that can be handled by a simple one-click installation procedure. This SSL VPN client supports most business applications such as native Outlook, native Windows file sharing, and many more.

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