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Tutorial: How to Use Ontobee SPARQL to Query RDF triple store? The Ontobee program is developed based on the SPARQL technology. In this web page, we provide an introduction on the technology, examples of how to use SPARQL to query ontology data stored in our RDF triple store, and some relevent references and web links. Lee Feigenbaum’s Cheat Sheet; David Becket’s Slideset on SPARQL 1.1; Olaf Hartig’s Introduction to SPARQL; W3C tutorial on the semantic web and linked data; As well, we recommend the following books: Learning SPARQL, by Bob DuCharme; Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, by Jim Hendler and Dean Allemang.

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Sparql Cheat Sheet Example

The UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card is a handy 'cheat sheet' for Semantic Web developers. It can be printed double sided on one sheet of paper and tri-folded. The card includes the following content:

  • RDF/RDFS/OWL vocabulary
  • RDF/XML reserved terms (they are outside RDF vocabulary)
  • a simple RDF example in different formats
  • SPARQL semantic web query language reference
  • many handy facts for developers
Please send any comments or suggestions to [email protected] Cheat

A LETTER size version (for print purpose) is also available.

Sparql Cheat Sheet

V2 replaces an earlier version (v1).






Sparql Cheat Sheet Excel

  1. (Resource) UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card - v2 (A4) has previous version (Resource) UMBC Semantic Web Reference Card - v1 (A4)