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The code highlighting syntax uses CodeHilite and is colored with Pygments. It follows the same syntax as regular Markdown code blocks, with ways to tell the highlighter what language to use for the code block. The language will be detected automatically, if possible. Or you can specify it on the first line with 3 colons and the language name. Markdown extra syntax. Getting started with writing and formatting on GitHub - User Documentation.

  1. Short article about 2 ways of modifying markdown syntax (by php-plugin and by editing php-parser) for adding extra syntaz in html a-tags.
  2. I wanted to use Markdown for posting on Blogger. As I am planning to post source code examples I wanted to be able to do syntax highlighti.
  3. Markdown Syntax 2. Knitr chunk options 3. Knitr chunk options 3. Pandoc options 2 Syntax Becomes Make a code chunk with three back ticks followed by an r.
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Sequence Diagram Example: Hotel System Sequence Diagram is an interaction diagram that details how operations are carried out - what messages are sent and when. Sequence diagrams are organized according to time. The time progresses as you go down the page. System Sequence Diagram Example of an SSD for the Process Sale Scenario 10 Use Case: Process Sale Scenario - Main Success Story 1. Cashier starts new sale 2. Cashier enters item identifier 3. System records sale line item and presents item description, price and running total Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until all items are processed. System sequence diagram example This system sequence diagram example template can help you: - Model the logic for a sophisticated procedure, function, or operation. See how objects and components interact to complete a process. Identify opportunities for optimization. Open this template to view a detailed example of a system sequence diagram that you can customize to your use case.

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