Jqx-grid - applied to TreeGrid container element. Jqx-grid-pager - applied to the TreeGrid Pager. Jqx-grid-header- applied to TreeGrid Columns container element. Jqx-grid-column-header - applied to a TreeGrid column. Jqx-widget-header - applied to a TreeGrid column, Toolbar, Statusbar and Groups Header. Table Treegrid extension of Bootstrap Table. Skip to main content. Home; Documentation Themes Examples Online Editor News Blog v1.18.3 Latest (1.18.3) v1.17.1 v1.16.0 v1.15.5. Getting started Introduction Download Contents Usage. If allowReordering is set to true, TreeGrid columns can be reordered. Reordering can be done by drag and drop of a particular column from one index to another index. If TreeGrid is rendered with stacked headers, reordering is allowed only at the same level as the column headers.

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The need for treedatatype?

Short Story: Should we remove treedatatype from the code? It appears to be a synonym for datatype.

Background: I recently had a bug in my code where I set treedatatype:'json', but forgot to set datatype (admitted jqGrid newbie mistake). The result was a treeGrid that failed to load initially, but successfully loaded after refresh. Digging into grid.base.js and grid.treegrid.js, I noticed that treedatatype is originally set to datatype, then datatype is later overwritten with treedatatype.

Treegrid Angular

Should we remove treedatatype? …or is there another (or future) use for treedatatypeWechat enterprise download 64-bit. that I am missing?


Thank you